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Name: The Brood

From: X-Men #155 (1982)

Classification: Alien villains from the pages of Marvel’s Mighty Mutants.


Created in 1982 by writer Chris Claremont and artist Dave Cockrum, the Brood came about more as an accident. In an interview, Dave Cockrum recalled…

 “We had Deathbird in this particular story and Chris [Claremont] had written into the plot ‘miscellaneous alien henchmen.’ So I had drawn Deathbird standing in this building under construction and I just drew the most horrible looking thing I could think of next to her.”

Ever since their first appearance in Uncanny X-Men #155, The Brood have been a fierce foe to the X-Men and other members of the Marvel Universe.

The Brood are a physically strong and tough adversary that possess an exoskeleton like that of an insect, while also having a endoskeleton. They also have a strong maw lined with an endless supply of razor sharp teeth. They move around on six legs, with the two front limbs being tentacles that The Brood can use to handle objects, weapons, people, and machinery. The Brood are also equipped with insect like wings that enable them to have fast flight and hovering ability. To top off this deadly creatures offensive weaponry is a two pronged scorpion like tail that can deliver either a paralyzing poison or a killing blow.


Made up of a hive mind, The Brood follow a Queen and their main driving force is reproduction. Their form of reproduction is to impregnate a host with one of their eggs. When the egg hatches inside the host it becomes an embryo. With the Hive mind, the Hive’s memories are than passed to the Broodling and it can communicate with the Hive and the Queen. The Broodling also has limited control over the host’s body and mind with the host unaware. During the next stage the host turns into a Brood themselves, killing their past self in the process.The persona of the host once the Brood is “born” appears to be extinguished, but in some cases the host’s will may be strong enough to survive and coexist with the Brood’s.In cases with those with genetic powers (mutants) still retain their powers and the new Brood will inherit them.Brood also have the ability to morph into their host’s original form and a hybrid form with characteristics of both the host and the Brood body.


Called “Demons” across the cosmos for the pain they gleefully inflict on others, The Brood are rumored to not hail from a planet of their own but to have been either summoned from some ancient and evil dimension or created from otherworldly sorcery. The Brood are a  highly intelligent and skilled race that can think for themselves even though a Hive mind motivates their actions to serve a Queen. They use highly advanced technology and also use large lobotomized space-dwelling creatures like Starsharks and the whale-like Acanti for space travel.

In the case of using these large animals as a spaceship, The Brood chemically lobotomize the creature and outfit it with technology and bionics to control them. They slowly eat the creature from the inside like termites with a tree. When the creature dies it usually sends The Brood and their “ship” crashing into a planet, where they can begin infecting new hosts. Once an Acanti they captured was of unusual size (its rib cage alone was the size of a mountain range.) The Brood used it as their main base, and when it died and crashed onto a planet, used it as their main city. The corpse was so large, it took centuries just to rot halfway. However, predators from the planet they landed on infested the area of the dead Acanti’s brain, so the Brood avoided it.


A few years ago Marvel introduced a Broodling character in the X-Men. Nicknamed Broo, the Broodling was raised by S.W.O.R.D. and was everything his race wasn’t. He is friendly, compassionate, and highly intelligent and is also gifted with many mutant abilities.


Over the years the X-Men have battled The Brood and the experience always takes its toll on both sides. They are still a threat to the X-Men and to the Marvel Universe itself. The bloody legacy of the Brood has been going strong since 1982..


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    • It would be great crossover event if heroes and villains alike had to team up to take them out. Also it would be interesting to have heroes and villains being infected as the story progressed. Of course it would all work out in the end 😊

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  1. As a kid, I was given an X-Men toy of the Brood before I’d ever read any comic books with them in it. So I had a lot of fun creating whatever I thought this monster-looking thing was and could do. However I was also weirdly critical of myself too, like I always felt my imagination wasn’t being monstrous enough to fully detail what this thing was. Hahaha, ahhh memories! But, largely as a result of that toy and how it grabbed my imagination, I’ve always been intrigued by the Brood.

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