My Thoughts On Logan – My Guest Post On My Comic Relief.

Recently I was invited to write a guest post on the wonderfully awesome website, My Comic Relief. I have become good friends with the proprietor of this great site Michael J. Miller over the past few months. Michael is a great guy with great things to say about comic books and the world in general. I love his insightful views on the most recent comics he’s read and his reflections on his comic past.

Within theses trying times we are living in, Michael has also began spreading the word on the misdeeds of our American administration and has devoted many painful hours into investigating and reporting on what we can do to change things. He once wrote about the world of super heroes, now he stands shoulder to shoulder with them in protecting our rights.

The topic Michael approached me about for this guest post is a bitter sweet one, the movie Logan. I haven’t talked much about the movie since my initial tirade about the first trailer. Tirade may be a strong word…my reflection on the first trailer. Anyways, after giving it some time to digest and process I finally could write about the beautiful movie Logan was. I reflect a couple things from my past while talking about the movie, and the whole experience of writing about it was strangely lifting for me.

Please take a look and I hope you enjoy…


Reflections of Life: Logan

and when you are finished, please take a moment and read some of Michael’s great writing on My Comic Relief.

Keep Being Rad & Stay Dorky


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  1. Thank you Rob for your wonderful post! It was poignant, powerful and I’m proud to host it. I really appreciate your contribution and your kind words above. You’re always welcome to send guest pieces my way…and I’ll certainly be coaxing more from you in the future too :).

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