And Now For Something Completely Different…

I am super critical of myself. I think it’s what makes me shy and introverted. If I don’t like me, why would anyone else? So I did the most logical thing imaginable, I started a YouTube channel.

It’s something I’ve been struggling with over the last couple weeks in terms of nerves and self worth…but long story short, here is my first video.

In a nutshell, my best friend for the best 20-plus years Chris (aka-CoachDaddy) and I just decided to hit record on a conversation we were having.  That conversation lasted an hour and a half and I would later learn that editing it down was a Herculean task because of how twisty and turny our serpentine dork talks can be. But after watching the playback we decided to record a conversation we were having during the watching of the playback, the Star Wars made for TV movies. We also talk about the Battlefront trailer from Star Wars Celebration. Believe me the first hour and a half was mostly about Star Wars Celebration and Netflix but it bounced around everywhere from Brisco County Jr to WW II….anyways.

Please take a look for yourself….

I know, I know….very rough around the edges. Need to do some work in the future, but you gotta start somewhere right? Also, at the moment it’s called Live….but that’s a work in progress too…..


I hope you enjoy it at least a little bit….

Keep being rad & stay dorky



15 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different…

  1. Good luck with the Tube. I’ve briefly toyed with doing a BookTuber type thing [ie, video of me talking a review] but it turned out to be a herculean effort so I’m sticking to the written word now 🙂


  2. Right on man, congrats on getting that going. I dig it a lot. I’ve always been a fan of the ewok movies and cartoons. They were made for us kids and they are kind of, in a wierd way, part of why Star Wars is so ingrained in our generation. I tried watching them with my kids too, it didnt go so well

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      1. Them. I mean it went better than ANH, but not an attention keeper. Luckily my son is pretty into the new ones, Rogue One blew his mind, and Finn is like his hero right now. I dont have the heart to show him Finn in the new trailer yet though

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      2. That’s cool. I haven’t really shared a lot of the movies with them because of their ages but the iconic visages of the characters still resonate with them…also they have a great handle on things because of Disney Infinity (RIP)

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  3. Great video. Be encouraged, you have a lovely voice for TV, you’re knowledgeable and relaxed – it’s a really good combination! Hope you do more. BTW I’ve got the same Ironman helmet sitting in the corner of my room!

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  4. This is FANTASTIC! Yay! I can’t wait for the next episode. It all feels very organic and it’s fun way to present nostalgic and dork-tastic musings in a different venue than the blog. You just keep expanding the My Side Of The Laundry Room scope and I love it!! Best of luck with the new platform!

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