Monster Minds – Monster Preservation & Research Society

Name: Monster Minds

From: Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors (1985)

Classification: An intelligent plant race that can transform into combat vehicles.

The Monster Minds in vehicle form.

In a distant galaxy where magic and technology coexist, an intelligent and malevolent being known as Saw Boss is spreading his vines from planet to planet in an effort to take over the universe. The limitless vines link the hive mind of the Monster Mind controlled  planets to Saw Boss at his hub world, and are an intergalactic highway for the Monster Minds to travel. The Monster Minds are able to change themselves into Bio-Organic vehicles that are outfitted with melee and artillery weaponry.

The vine pathways through space.

The origins of the Monster Minds and Saw Boss began very innocently. A scientist named Audric was close to discovering a bio-organic plant that would be able to feed the galaxy with an endless supply of plant-based foods. At the moment of his discovery a close star went supernova and bathed his creation with radiation. The radiation quickly mutated into five plant-like extraterrestrials who wished to conquer the universe. The first one “born” was Saw Boss and he became the leader. All of the Monster Minds have the ability to transform from humanoid to vehicle forms, but Saw Boss is the only one to spend a majority of their time in their humanoid form.

Saw Boss being born and attacking Audric.
Buzz Boss in his adult form.
The rest of the Monster Minds in their humanoid form


The other four Monster Minds were a motley crew that ranged in intelligence from cunning to downright moronic. The four “siblings” and sub-bosses are strong warriors in their own right but they also had the ability to control clone armies of themselves. Their names were Gun Grinner, Terror Tank, K.O. Kruiser, and Beast Walker.


To stop this menace Audric created something called the Magic Root. During an attack the Monster Minds fractured the Magic Root into two pieces. Audric went into hiding with one of the pieces, while the other went to Audric’s son Jayce. In an effort to find his father and to join the two pieces of the Magic Root, Jayce banded together with a centuries old wizard named Gillian, Jayce’s bio-organic plant sister Flora, Oon the Eternal Squire, and mercenary Herc Stormsailor to form the freedom fighting team, The Lightning League. Taking their name from an older group of heroes outfitted with combat vehicles created by Audric, Jayce and the Lightning League use these vehicles to protect the innocent and to destroy the Monster Minds.

The Lightning League.

Due to the poor sales of the Mattel toy line which the show was based, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors was canceled after one 65 episode season. With the show abruptly canceled, there was no ending to the story of The Lightning League and the Monster Minds.

Created on the heels of the ambitious toy line Wheeled Warriors, the show Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors took the fight between The Lightning League and the Monster Minds to a great and imaginative universe. The toys simply stated the two factions were enemies but it never elaborated on what they were battling over. Story or not, the toys were fantastic and were made to be added to and built on. Any vehicles attachments could be used on all other vehicles and Mattel also sold expansion packs with additional attachments. Wheeled Warriors are evidence that back up the claim that the ’80s were the best decade ever.

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22 thoughts on “Monster Minds – Monster Preservation & Research Society

  1. Interesting Post!
    None of these made it to UK stores.
    But I wld like to know th name of th lil dude in th orange tunic (th Lightning League) – a proto-Rocket Raccoon!


    1. It was a deep syndicated show that didn’t get too much play. I was lucky enough to catch it on a Sunday at my grandparents house only when I could get the antenna pointed in the right direction and it wasn’t cloudy (there I dated myself too , lol).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I bought all of them when they were on super cheep roll back at the K.B Toys (also dating myself) I loved these but alas the figures did not match the characters from the cartoon. Also not all the parts were interchangeable witch was a let down. Still great Toy and one I had a lot of fun with.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So, I read this and examined the pics and kept asking myself “why is this so damn familiar?” I have never seen a single episode of this show but for some reason I couldn’t shake the feeling that there things were somehow part of my childhood. For the last 24+ hours I have been trying to figure it out and it FINNNNNALLLLLLLLY just hit me (hence the comment)… brothers bedroom door in our childhood home is littered with stickers and Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors are some of those stickers! I am quite relieved that I figured this out, and if I get a chance at some point I will take a picture of the bedroom door to prove that I am not crazy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That door sounds pretty sweet. I only imagine your door was hydraulic driven to mimic Star Wars. Seriously, it’s amazing how small a detail from our childhood can ripple out to our adult life. The characters and visual icons of the ’80s have a way of sticking with us forever…i wonder if the stuff my kids watch/play with will have the same effect?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sure it will have the same effect, and it will be interesting to pick their brains when they are older. The funny thing about the door is that when I was young I would just look at what my brother put on it, I never added anything to it (he probably would have been mad if I did). Next time I talk to him I’ll have to ask him if he has any memories about the door and the shows he enjoyed during the 80s.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Been hearing that from all of the folks in the U.K. Sorry you didn’t get to share in this toyline/show. I guess since it didn’t last long here it just never made the trip across the pond. Sorry my friend, you probably would have liked it 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Late on this one to comment, but I loved these toys but never had any of them. They were always ones I drooled over in all the catalogues when I was a kid. I think my cousin had a few of them from what I remember. It almost be time to start looking at Ebay!


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