LIVE – Episode Two: Dark, Light, and Gray All Over

The wait (?) is finally over, here is Episode Two of My Side Of The Laundry Room: Live. The second episode would have come out a lot sooner but the last time we got together to film we were plagued with technical difficulties galore. While still not perfect, it’s a step in the right direction.

In this episode we discuss the rumor surrounding the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser regarding characters either being seduced by the Dark Side or could the Jedi Order simply be abolished to make way for a more “Gray” Jedi like order?

Here’s the teaser as a refresher.

As usual we disappear down a rabbit hole of dorkiness and you all are invited.  So please come in to My Side of the Laundry Room, pull up a chair, and join in on the conversation.

We will probably discuss The Last Jedi more as the movie get closer to release in December. Heck, I noticed some more things and had a couple more ideas just watching the teaser while I posted it in this post.

I hope you enjoy and thank you for your time!

[Rob’s Note: I notice that I curse a good bit when I get embroiled in a good ol’ dork talk. I apologize. I tend to go 98.5% of my day with out swearing (heck, I go 50% of most days with out uttering a single word), but for some reason I can’t help myself in cases like this. I will make an effort in the future to tone it down a bit. Thank you]


4 thoughts on “LIVE – Episode Two: Dark, Light, and Gray All Over

  1. Alright, I finally got to watch this episode this morning and I have been thinking about it for the last few hours. Here’s my question for you guys! I’m intrigued by the concept of the “Grey Jedi.” Admittedly, I haven’t read many of the EU books where it was fully explored nor have I done much Star Wars gaming. But, is there a chance the Grey Jedi are as flawed as the Jedi we see in the film? Using Christian history as an example, Jesus was 100% totally nonviolent and his followers were to reject violence at all costs. For over 300 years, they did just that. You weren’t even allowed to join the Christian church if you were a soldier because your job required carrying a weapon and taking lives. Then, in 313 Constantine legalizes Christianity and it becomes “okay” in the Roman Empire that had persecuted it, the empire it had stood against as a grass roots, counter-cultural organization. Then, in 391, Emperor Theodosius made Christianity the official religion of Rome. As Christianity was embraced by the empire it changed. For example, we see the birth of the Just War Theory (first outlined by Augustine and late refined by Aquinas) that said there were certain conditions where a Christian can bare arms or take a life…even though Jesus always rejected that at every turn. So, long and rambling background point aside, can this be what happened to the Jedi? I think you’re right – the Jedi we meet in the Prequels are already corrupted. They’ve laid the seeds for their downfall and Palpatine has been exploiting it. So maybe it’s not the Grey Jedi who have it right…but rather they’ve just compromised the Jedi/Sith paths in their own way. Maybe neither the Grey Jedi nor the Jedi we see in the Prequels are truly practicing the Light Side. So just as Christianity changed as a result of the culture it was anchored in, we don’t see a Jedi truly anchored in the Light Side until Luke comes around – driven by the love of his father and his belief in Anakin’s redemption – and throws away his lightsaber, refuses to fight, offers his life willingly, and puts his faith in love. This is the moment he declares himself a Jedi. Could it be that balance isn’t in someone using both the Light and the Dark Side but rather a pure Light Side Jedi Order and pure Dark Side Sith Order? Or maybe in having neither of them and just letting the Force flow in and through everything? Or IS it a manner of walking that line between the two in mindfulness as you discuss above? I DON’T KNOW BUT I’M EXCITED!

    Okay…this was a HUGE geek-out. Sorry. I wasn’t planning on typing so much!!! I just really wanted to get in the conversation and I was super excited by this episode!!

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    1. Soooooooo I’m just gonna piggyback on Mike’s comment and note, first off, that the Intro Music is my new jam. That is some damn catchy stuff! Second, how did I miss this when you posted it! From now on, if you do something SW related, just tweet it at me 😉

      Okay, sooooo I really like how the conversation is framed through the way you two have experienced SW going back to when you were younger. I really enjoyed that you both discuss the Gray Jedi coming out of the EU and how it is a concept that revolves around/has been used to describe Qui-Gon. There has been a lot of pushback against that recently since the EU is not canon anymore, but I see no reason why the concept can’t be used to inform him as a character who veered from “tradition.”

      Speaking of which, I really like too how you two frame your understanding of the Council/Order as imperfect. I think that is spot on. I have written about the hubris of the Jedi and how they have an overinflated sense of self perfection, and how that adds to their downfall. There seems to be this constant notion that the Jedi can do no wrong, but like you both, I have never thought that was so.

      Also also also, Mike was really excited by this episode. He called me to tell me how excited he was.

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      1. Between you and Mike I’m feeling pretty honored that you both found some merit to the video. Thank you.
        Now I will give credit where it is due. Lucas did create a very deep and layered look at the Jedi and their e eventual fall. What I find sad is that yes, fans do overlook the corruption and hypocrisy of the order and just believe they are perfect. What I find funny about the situation is that Lucas’ script has holes and glazes over stuff but he did put some thought into the Jedi and Sith. People focus on the not fleshed out parts but rarely ponder or question the part he spent more time developing.
        Thank you for your kind words and next Star Wars thing I do I will tweet it to you 😜

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    2. I like everything you pointed out here. I did not plan on getting into a faith-based discussion but the lines between Earthly religion and Galatic Orders are very thin.
      To simplify, I (and this is me) believe that there is a difference between Faith and Religion. You can have one without the other and you can have neither or both. I’ve met a ton of people over the years that are heaps of religious and go to church and go through the motions but lack any faith whatsoever. The examples are deep and varied between all of the different ways the two can be divided and United and to save time yet again I’ll skip that to get to my point. I believe the Force is the same way. The Jedi and the Sith are the religions which isn’t to say there aren’t members of each that have or have no Faith. Like with the Jedi I believe that some were blinded by their religion so much that they forgot their faith. In this instance I see the Gray Jedi as a sect that could be 100% Faith but have no religion, like with Qui Gon. His faith was his driving force, not his religion. I know I’m rambling and I’ll wrap this up because I prolly lost my point long ago. I’ll end with a saying (don’t know if real or I’m making it up), Faith brings people together, religion keeps them apart.


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