LIVE: Episode Four – Our Favorite Toys

In today’s episode we talk about some of our favorite toys from the ’80s. We went with specific toys this time over toy lines and I’m sure this is a discussion we will have many times over because the ’80s were so ripe with awesome toys. So this is kinda a Part One I guess.

Again there are sound issues, sorry. It hopefully be fixed soon with the addition of a microphone.

Anyway, please enjoy and feel free to comment. There will be much more toy talk in the future and I can’t wait.

Remember, My Side of the Laundry Room: Live airs every Tuesday (tentatively) here and on

Thank you,

Keep being RAD and Stay Dorky 



16 thoughts on “LIVE: Episode Four – Our Favorite Toys

      1. Things have been busy since the weather broke. I still have monstrous Mondays and Fridays are FNV. Tuesday’s are LIVE and than I hope to settle into a groove and have my normal posts here and there.

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      1. I’d totally forgotten about the helmet! I think I lost that somewhere early on so it’s not part of my primary Buzzoff memories :). But that was awesome! I think I have to go google pictures of him now.

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