Netflix Is Taking Us Back To Thra With Dark Crystal Prequel Series.

A 10-episode series set within the world of the Dark Crystal has just been ordered by Netflix!! The Prequel series will be entitled The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance and will be about a small band of Gelflings that discover the horrific truth about the Skeksis and their power.

Can’t talk…..too excited…’s teaser…..


21 thoughts on “Netflix Is Taking Us Back To Thra With Dark Crystal Prequel Series.

      1. They have touched upon the world pre-movie before in other media so that doesn’t bother me and the fact that Henson before he died wanted to go back to Dark Crystal makes it ok too. I too tire from the needless retelling of stories and such but I see this as more of a FINALLY situation.

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      1. On my wife and my subconscious stepped in and I said it without thinking. I stopped in my tracks then started getting excited all over again lol


  1. Oh yay, I was hoping someone would pick up the ‘Dark Crystal’ material again 🙂 As tired as I am of remakes, I don’t mind it in this case!

    On the other hand though, I wish people would leave ‘Labyrinth’ alone. I don’t want a sequel, prequel or remake, the movie is perfection and should stay on its own…

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    1. Also I think people are only thinking of Labyrinth again because of Bowie’s passing. Sadly no one cared for the movie in years (except us fans) than it became a “thing” again. Which the movie deserves but it still kinda ticks me off a little.

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      1. I don’t really mind the movie getting more popular, it deserves recognition.. But I think I would start crying when I see someone other than Bowie portraying the Goblin King. He was my first crush and I really only got into his music & became a fan after I watched ‘Labyrinth’ when I was a kid.. And watched it over and over.

        I have this horrible nightmare of Benedict Cumberbatch as Jareth after I read this suggestions somewhere in the depths of the Internet. I shouldn’t go there 😀

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  2. I say any time I can go visit either of the Main Man’s visions I am in. JR you know I am a Henson nut and keep in mind his Daughter runs the shop now so there is a extreme amount of guarding the Henson name there. I am excited about both and hope that they tremendous and box office success. The Creature shop needs some reel success. Since Jim’s passing it has been a steady diet of misses with only the occasional success. The die hards have been keeping them going.

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