F.N.V. – Night Time is the Right Time

Happy Friday everyone! This weeks Friday Night Videos is all about the Night. We start off slow with a classic from the Commodores and from there the party goes into full swing. Sadly because of my work schedule this week I haven’t had time to wax nostalgic about the songs or add any trivia or factoids. But honestly does it really need it, the music does the talking for itself. So enjoy and come back next week and hopefully I’ll have more time to add my two-cents.

Oh, and since the night time is so popular this is kinda a part one. Part two will come out in a few weeks.

Commodores – Nightshift (1985)


Debarge – Rhythm of the Night (1985)



Lionel Richie – All Night Long (1983)



Lou Gramm – Midnight Blue (1987)


Chicago – Stay The Night (1984)



Cyndi Lauper – All Through the Night (1983)


Lionel Richie – Running With The Night (1983)



Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight (1981)



To catch up on these and more awesome 80s songs please check out

My Side of the Laundry Room’s YouTube Playlist!

Please check back every Friday at 3pm for your weekly dose of ’80s AWESOMNESS!!




9 thoughts on “F.N.V. – Night Time is the Right Time

  1. Even though it wasn’t on the list (maybe I’m spoiling something for Part II…hopefully not!) I now have “Because the Night” stuck in my head! It was the first song that came to mind (the Springsteen version) and it’s now playing on repeat. In conclusion, thank you for making my night (and my mental jukebox) more awesome.

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