F.N.V. – Enter Sandman

Dreams, we all have them. Dreams are a window into our pure unbridled psyche. They explore our hopes and fears, and the things we love and hate. Either they be undefinable abstract or vividly literal, dreams speak to us if we care to listen…

But enough of that. Listen to these totally awesome ’80s tracks that feature dreams and dreaming. Enjoy!!

Dokken – In My Dreams (1985)

After seeing this video I NEEDED to own everything Dokken had done. Thanks to Columbia House I did, after 6 to 8 weeks of waiting.

Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over   (1986)

For some reason this song meshes in my mind with the opening of the mall in our town. I can’t really place why but some how my psyche picked up this song along with the journey to the mall for the first time. Let me tell you that was a huge day for my small town. Sadly now the mall is a sad shell of what it used to be.

The Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (1983)

I have to be honest, most Eurythmics’ videos creeped me out when I was a kid. Don’t know why, just did. Classic song that has transcended time and space.

Heart – These Dreams (1986)

This was the second coming of Heart and they were everywhere in 1986. I think my mom owned to copies of the tape just so she would have one in the house and one in the car.

I Can Dream About You – Dan Hartman (1984)

God, I love me some Streets of Fire. The summer it premiered on HBO I watched it almost everyday and I think I’m a better person for it. If you haven’t seen it you owe it to yourself to see it! BTW, there is also another version of the video with Hartman himself singing the song but I had to show some love to Streets of Fire!!

Debbie Gibson – Only In My Dreams (1986)

Wasn’t really in my wheel house at the time. I wasn’t a real Tiger Beat kinda dude but knew others that were. You know, the ones who hide the fact that New Kids On The Block was their first concert. I remember the song being everywhere at the time and now I dig it for it’s place in ’80s history.

Johnny Hates Jazz – Shattered Dreams (1987)

This is one of those songs that I swore came out years before it really did. It just has a real hold-over type sound that sounds like its from the earlier ’80s.

Dokken – Dream Warriors (1987)

Oh yeah, here’s Dokken again!. This Nightmare On Elm Street was my favorite at the time. It was a real departure from the first films but I really liked the whole “team” of people fighting Freddy thing it had. Couple that with  a kickass Dokken song and you have GOLD.


Moody Blues – Wildest Dreams (1986)

Another one of those songs that feels much older, and I don’t mean because it’s the Moody Blues. The Moody Blues were another ’60s band that struck again in the ’80s and found mainstream success again. It really is a good song that generations young and old could share.


Giant – I’ll See You In My Dreams   (1988)

don’t really remember this song too much when it was originally released but some how I found it again through my love of the ’80s. It builds very slow but by the time it gets to the chorus you are ready to rock out to this POWER BALLED!!


Cheap Trick – Dream Police (1979)

Ok, this is kinda cheating since it’s from 1979…but come on, it’s Cheap Trick.


Wham – Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (1984)

Well, all good dreams must come to an end and we all must wake up. No better way to wake up than with Wham. I remember when Wham hit the scene they were everywhere. The music videos, the covers of Tiger Beat, and all over the radio.


To catch up on these and more awesome 80s songs please check out

My Side of the Laundry Room’s YouTube Playlist!

Please check back every Friday at 3pm for your weekly dose of ’80s AWESOMNESS!!


9 thoughts on “F.N.V. – Enter Sandman

  1. In all seriousness, these posts have become a weekly dance party for me! I read it, play the videos, and then rock out dancing around my house or classroom, wherever I happen to be when I read this. KEEP THEM COMING ROB!!! Aaaaahhh!!! I love it! They are sooo much fun!

    Really, I do love and listen to music from all eras but there is something undeniably perfect about the 80’s. These posts are THE BEST.

    Liked by 1 person

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