Monstrous Monday – Loveland Frogs

Name: Loveland Frogs

From: American Crypto Creature

Classification: Amphibian Humanoids that haunts the Ohio River area. 


The story of the Loveland Frog -or- Frogmen is a tale that is very twisty at times and spans many decades. The first sighting of the creatures dates back to May of 1955 when a businessman witnessed three or four humanoids under a bridge near Loveland, Ohio. In the Businessman’s story, he was driving and at around 3:30 in the morning he happened upon the bridge. He said the humanoid creatures were squatting under a bridge and they had wrinkles instead of hair, lopsided chests, and wide mouths without lips. When the creatures noticed that they were being watched, one of them stood up and held up a metal rod that emitted sparks. The Businessman sped away. The Businessman also added that the area smelled of alfalfa and almonds.


Later that year in August Mrs. Darwin Johnson had a terrifying encounter with the Frogmen. While swimming in the Ohio River in Evansville, Indiana, something grabbed Mrs. Johnson and tried to drag her underwater. The creature had claw-like hands and grabbed and Johnsons knees, legs, and feet. She fought off the unseen attacker after being dragged under twice . When she fled the water and made it to land, Mrs. Johnson discovered she had an eerie green palm prints on her knees and legs.

Things went back to normal in Loveland after the first sightings in 1955. 17 years later in 1972 local Police were in for the shock of their lives.

lovelandfrogwebOn March 3, 1972 at approximately 1:00am a police officer was driving down the road when he spotted a mass on the side of the road. Thinking it was a dog he slowed down. When his headlights fell upon the creature it stood up and was a four-foot tall humanoid with leathery skin and frog-like features . The creature ran quickly to cross the road and leaped over the guardrail, scrambled down an embankment, and into the Little Miami River. An officer that investigated the scene later that morning stated that he found claw marks on the guardrail and down the embankment.

Two weeks later Officer Mark Mathews had an encounter with the creature. It was huddled in the middle of the road when the police officer came upon it. Thinking the creature was nothing more than a carcass, Mathews planned on removing the dead animal for other motorists safety. When he reached out to touch the object, the creature jumped up into a crouching position. Frightened, Mathews pulled his sidearm  and fired at the creature. Missing his target, Officer Mathews stood helpless as the creature ran off and stepped over the guardrail and disappeared into the brush.

Later that month, an anonymous farmer reported sighting four bizarre creatures while inspecting his fields, which were located adjacent to the Little Miami River.

The farmer claimed that the eyes of the Frogmen were large and circular, their skin was a “pale greenish-gray” and that their mouths were wide and filled with sharp teeth. When spotted the creatures ran and disappeared into the Little Miami River.


Over the years there have been numerous reports of the Loveland Frogs in and around the area of Loveland, Ohio and around the Little Miami and Ohio Rivers. There are dozens of YouTube videos with sightings of strange creatures that could or could not be the Loveland Frogs (or out right hoaxes). The urban myth of the Frogmen still live on in the younger generations Cryptozoologists and still has power enough to create new myths and even hoaxes. Recently Officer Mark Mathews has retracted his original statements regarding the Loveland Frog but most speculate that is either due to the ridicule he suffered or is a larger cover-up.

As far as a cover-up goes, some Cryptozoologists believe that the Loveland Frog could be a visitor from another planet or dimension due to the first sighting saying they used a “wand” like devise that emitted sparks. Either way it is fun to think we live in a world that could be also be the home to humanoid frog people from this world or any other.










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