LIVE: Episode Eight – Dorkly Weekly Wrap-up

Happy Tuesday. This week’s episode covers the highs and lows of the past week. We also talk about what we’ve been watching on Netflix recently. Also, Chris lets the cat outta the bag about some future plans for My Side of the Laundry Room.

Over the next month there will be some changes to LIVE that I think (and hope) will streamline it a little more and make it more accessible. So please keep a look out and let me know what you think of the changes.

Also, last sound issue EVER I hope. This one is kinda entertaining because I like to say it’s our homage to early Kung-Fu flicks…..please enjoy!


Keep being Rad & Stay Dorky



6 thoughts on “LIVE: Episode Eight – Dorkly Weekly Wrap-up

  1. HE-MAN IS ON NETFLIX?!?!?!?!?!?!? YOU’VE JUST GIVEN MY LIFE NEW MEANING!!!!! Woooooooo hooooooo!!!! And you said it looks/feels like it’s held up?? Oh man, I can’t wait to watch it! He-Man was MY FAVORITE as a kid! Wow!!! I can’t even contain my excitement over this. I think I might watch some today!!!!

    Also, I loved when you guys talked about the movie theatres of your youth. As you were chatting I thought about the movie theatres I first saw movies in…theatres sadly that have been lost to the sands of time. But those small movie houses with only a few screens were something special. I appreciated the unexpected flashback.

    Oh and I’m 100% with you on ‘The Avengers.’ The end of that movie, that final battle with the Chitauri invasion comes, was (and remains) the closest thing I’ve ever seen in a comic book movie to feeling exactly like what I’d read in a comic book as a kid. I STILL get chills when I watch it. Now I kind of want to watch ‘The Avengers’ again too.

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    1. Thanks! Yes it holds up a little better because than most. Enjoying catching up on your childhood my friend. I miss those theaters. Was recently in a small town near mine and they still have the ol’ main street movie theater showing new movies. I have no idea if they updated or not but it’s my mission to see a movie there. The theater were I live now is where I saw Clash of the Titans in 81. Theater is abandoned and I have dreams of buying it and making it a vintage theater that shows old movies…oh well, it’s just a dream.

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      1. I had the exact same dream! There was this great little four screen movie theatre by my house that I used to see movies at as a kid. It was abandoned for years and I always fantasized about buying it and making it into just that – a vintage theatre that showed old movies. Sadly it’s recently been bulldozed for some modern piece of ridiculousness. But those old theatres had such personality! I still adore going to the movies but I think, whether it was by design of the theatre or just the memory of youth, there was something extra special about those old movie houses.

        Perhaps in an alternate reality you and I are partners who manage a bunch of old vintage theatres! We could go around the country saving them from suburban redevelopment and restoring their magic to the neighborhoods they reside in.

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      2. Those dudes sound the coolest! If only the heart and mind were commodity enough, but alas money is king. It seems whenever anything old gets bulldozed over in my town it’s to make way for a new bank. With in a couple years we have 4 new banks. Why? A bank is somewhere you store your money, ask to borrow money, and get money that is owed to you…why the fuck do you need so many choices? Anyway, have a great day and I know I’ll be daydreaming about those two dudes following their dreams in a much cooler dimension.

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