Monstrous Monday – Stray Sod

Name: Stray Sod

From: Irish Folklore

Classification: Patches of grass that can disorient and confuse img020.jpg

This well hidden entity is rumored to be spawned by many different methods. Stray Sod, Wandering Sod, or Traveling Clumps can either be specific herbs with magical 07318ad266f7e5a3b0561232f0c40f99.jpgproperties, cursed patches that grow on the graves of unbaptised children, vegetation enchanted by fairies, or even a breed of Fey themselves. No matter their origin, Stray Sod seems to have the same effect on anyone that happens upon it.

Stray Sod can be found across the countryside or along a well traveled road or pathway, but most interactions seem to happen at night. Solitary travelers will inadvertently tread upon a Stray Sod and instantly become lost. Some state that an unnatural form of confusion will overtake them, while others have said that they simply become lost and cannot find their way home. Some victims have even claimed that they enter a dream like state where all roads end in “dead ends” and the landscape becomes blank and barren of all landmarks.

Once someone has been bewildered by the Stray Sod the victim is compelled to wander a6287209a9c8c183ae2d83d778601cf7.jpgaimlessly through the night. They will crash through bushes and brambles, trudge through bogs and swamps (and be open from attacks by Jenny Greenteeth or a Grindylow), and become a bloody mess crawling through thorns and stickers. Some have even been known to end up miles away from their original destination and had to cross rivers, go through dense forests, and scale high hills. The spell ends at daybreak and the victims find themselves with torn and stained clothes and bleeding from their faces, hands, and feet.

There are ways to ward off an attack from Stray Sod. Once you feel the effects you can turn your clothes inside out to counteract the beguiling. Or, any of the other methods of combating fairies applies like cold iron and church bells. Its also said that more benevolent fey may be able to help and counter the effects of the enchantment.

I have always loved the tales of the Stray Sod as well as Fairy Mounds and Fairy Circles. To live in a country that still has a firm grip on their folklore and to have evidence of it spread across the countryside is something I envy. America is truly the pits when it comes to still having mystery and mythos. Honestly the tale of the Stray Sod could have been invented by a couple of drunk blokes a few hundred years ago, looking for a story to tell their wives after not returning home after a night of partying. But I want to believe that there really are fairies and creatures of nature pulling pranks on us silly humans.



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