LIVE: Episode Nine – Growing Up Dorky

Happy Tuesday!! I know Tuesdays aren’t a thing to celebrate, but around here in the Laundry Room they are. Because every Tuesday we like to drop a new “LIVE” video on the waiting masses.

So without further ado….

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7 thoughts on “LIVE: Episode Nine – Growing Up Dorky

  1. There’s always so much I want to comment on watching these. You two have really found a fantastic rhythm with these shows. I just want to talk about everything!! But, as to the dork t-shirts, this wasn’t the first time I owned my dorkitude but it’s one of the funniest.

    Kalie and I had just met and we’d went out on maybe one official date. I certainly wasn’t hiding my dorkdom but I was trying to at least ease her into it :). Well, one day after work I was going to this local coffee shop I love to settle down and grade. I walked in and there was Kalie, sitting in a booth doing some grading and planning herself. What was I wearing you may ask? I was wearing a bright – almost neon – blue X-Men t-shirt featuring Cyclops, Wolverine, Psylocke, Gambit, Rogue, and Beast. I looked at her and said, “Okay, well I was going to slowly reveal this to you over time buuuut here we are.” Kalie thought it was cute! At that moment I knew the relationship had the potential for longevity. It’s become one of her favorite dork t-shirts of mine too.

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    1. Thanks for the nice feedback and sharing your story. It is so much more acceptable to wear your fandom on your sleeve nowadays. What makes it great is making a connection to someone else either vocally or with a silent nod. And, in your case let’s you find “the one” 😁

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      1. I know! I always get so excited when I see someone else with a superhero or Star Wars t-shirt on. It is this really cool, really specific bonding moment. And yes, I did know Kalie was a lucky find in that moment :).

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  2. I LOVED this episode! The picture of ElfQuest drew me in- because my love for that comic is what paved my way to dorkdom. I had loved Star Wars as a child, and had action figures. but as that was perceived as cool I received no flak for that fandom. My highschool boyfriend (now my husband) collected ElfQuest and let me read some volumes he had, and I fell in love with the Two Moons universe and it is the one series I have stayed true to. But it is my love for Star Trek that really defined my coming out. TNG was on tv while I was in college, and I was addicted to it. I watched every episode, and made my boyfriend watch them with me until he was a fan also. I belonged to a sorority ( ADPi forever!) and I would take over the downstairs tv when new episodes were on. My sorority sisters were fascinated that I wasn’t afraid to show my love for it, and they would buy me books and memorabilia with the logo on it. To this day, they send me pictures of Spock socks and other funny things they think I will find amusing. I was very lucky that my geek tendencies were embraced by my friends, although I didn’t start to share that part of myself until I was in HS & college.

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    1. That is so awesome!! When you see the word “sorority” you don’t automatically think of acceptance of dorkiness. (Well at least the sorority life they show in TV and movies) That is so great that they were also in awe of you freely being yourself and I hope they learned from it. Also, Thank you for watching and enjoying!!

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      1. I certainly haven’t had the typical experience, as I’ve mostly had only good reactions to my geekiness. But at times I do feel as if I am in no man’s land- I float between two worlds. A co-worker said I was either the coolest geek or the geekiest cool person he knew 😉

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