F.N.V. – Summer Lovin’ 

Wednesday of this week was the first official day of summer, and to celebrate Friday Night Videos will showcase a few of the summer themed songs of the ’80s. These songs have a special place in my heart because of my affinity for summer and hot weather. Please enjoy and enjoy the summer as much as you can!!

Bananarama – Cruel Summer (1983)

I have to admit something…I LOVE this song. There is just something about it that transports me back to 1983. In 1983 my family took one of our only trips to the beach and I remember this song playing dozens of times within the span of our travels. To me, the song embodies summer adventure and new discovery. Still to this day if I find myself driving on a new back road or embarking on a new summer adventure I make sure to listen to this song.

Don Henley – Boys of Summer (1984)

Not much to say, I love this song too. When I first realized I was addicted to ’80s nostalgia in my mid to late 20s, this was the song I first sought out. It was just the infancy of downloading music and older songs weren’t as easily found. So I found the tape in my parents collection one day and “borrowed” it.

Ok, Wow! Who would have known its still hard to hard. It seems the video is blocked or muted due to copy rights. I hate to do it but I’m gonna have to use the Atari’s version….sorry.

Bryan Adams – Summer of 69 (1984)

Classic song. Was a huge hit growing up and always seemed to be on the radio. Bryan Adams was a staple of the ’80s.


The Motels – Suddenly Last Summer (1982)

I found this song when I first started reliving the ’80s in my 20s. It instantly became one of my go to choices for the summer.

Richard Marx – Endless Summer Nights (1987)

Richard Marx always seem to catch flack for his soft rock songs but I always liked them when they came on the radio.

John Fogerty – Centerfield (1985)

Nothing says summer like baseball. Centerfield was everywhere when it came out and I remember the video being played a great deal on MTV. Today the song still is a favorite anthem in ball parks everywhere.

Van Halen – Summer Nights (1986)

This was the beginning of the Sammy Hagar reign of Van Halen and albeit different, it was awesome. Went with the live version of the video to really bathe in the ’80s awesomeness!!

Belinda Carlisle – Summer Rain (1989)

This song came out during the time I was 100% shifted away from pop music and the radio in general. The great divide between my parents and myself was beginning and I spent less time with them an in the family vehicle. But I do remember this song on MTV and it being pretty popular.

Y&T – Summertime Girls (1985)

Gonna let this video do the talking….pure 80s gold!!

Nocera – Summertime, Summertime (1986)

Oh, yeah! This one too. No official video but the song itself is a time machine built on synth hooks and the tears of real musicians.


To catch up on these and more awesome 80s songs please check out

My Side of the Laundry Room’s YouTube Playlist!

Please check back every Friday at 3pm for your weekly dose of ’80s AWESOMNESS!!

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