What Impact Has Avatar Really Had On Pop Culture?

Happy Tuesday! Today’s episode of My Side of the Laundry Room: Live is our tenth  episode on YouTube. A small landmark for sure, but one I never even imagined I would

be hitting a year ago (hell, 6 months ago). I’m starting to do a few little changes here and there as we find our place in the large ocean known as YouTube. We kick off this episode saying it’s a new feature called Monthly Meltdown, which it is but I’m still navigating what that means exactly. I just know that we are earmarking one episode a month to focus on the things in dorkdom that get under our skin…this time it’s James Cameron’s Avatar and what it means to dorkdom as a whole.

Anyways, In this episode we discuss if the box office behemoth, Avatar, has impacted pop culture and fandom as much as lesser grossing movies. Sure, it’s the highest grossing movie of all time but where does it really fall in with other Sci-Fi movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, or even Fifth Element (as a few examples).

Enjoy and keep an eye out for more subtle changes to come


Keep Being Rad and Stay Dorky!!


7 thoughts on “What Impact Has Avatar Really Had On Pop Culture?

    1. I agree. The plot outline has been done before, and done better. The only thing Avatar did was bring newer technology to movie making. It is a good movie but it shouldn’t be the highest grossing movie of all time.

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      1. It is interesting that we have come full circle, now kids prefer the low-fi
        & cruder style animation & DIY effects, the big budget hi-tech stuff
        just doesn’t phase them, which makes us happy, since creativity is
        about what you can do with what you have, not how much money
        you can throw at a project. Bread & Circus never went away.


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