F.N.V. – The Devil Made Me Do It!!

I was hoping to start this off by saying people of the ’80s were a “cowardly and superstitious lot” and we as a sociality have grown up a little to think that metal music isn’t a form of evil to be feared, just another form of artist expression.

Boy was I wrong. After reading some of the comments of people under the videos on YouTube I have to say (sadly) that the fear is still very much alive today. The lists I have been making thus far are populated with the music I heard on the radio, television, and in movies and they have stuck with me until today. Now this list is what I was popping into my little boom box or Walkman when I was growing up. Lets be honest, most of these bands are still together today, that can’t be said about many musical acts. Still to this day I listen to metal and to be honest there is only two types of music I listen to….’80s and metal. Here the two come together in perfection….enjoy and bang your heads!!

I admit there are far worse and “evil” bands that were around in the ’80s but the bands featured on this list were the more popular and were also more in the limelight of parental groups outrage. Plus these were some of my favorites!!!!!! I also apologize, I ran out of time this week so I’m skipping the little write-ups and letting the music do all of the talking.

Iron Maiden – Number Of The Beast (1982)

Slayer – Raining Blood (1986)


Megadeth – Peace Sells (1986)


Judas Priest – You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ (1982)


AC/DC – Who Made Who (1986)


Metallica – Seek and Destroy (1983)


Ozzy Osbourne – Bark At The Moon (1983)


Motorhead – Ace of Spades (1980)


Helloween – Halloween (1987)


BONUS: Iron Maiden – The Trooper (1983)


BONUS: Iron Maiden – 2 Minutes to Midnight (1984)

That is all for now. I don’t want to get in trouble for corrupting our youth!!

To catch up on these and more awesome 80s songs please check out

My Side of the Laundry Room’s YouTube Playlist!

Please check back every Friday at 3pm for your weekly dose of ’80s AWESOMNESS!!







7 thoughts on “F.N.V. – The Devil Made Me Do It!!

  1. I’ll never understood why metal music seems to inspire such hate and fear. Well, maybe I understand why…people like to randomly hate on things. So maybe I should say there’s no rational reason for some people to hate it as they do. It’s never deserved the shit it takes. However, at the end of the day, people are still cranking it up, singing along, and rocking out to it so the music wins in the end. I dig it and I say ROCK ON!

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    1. Now that I have more time….Every generation passes on old world sensibilities that are built on the multiple generations before it. These thoughts and beliefs are truly in the eye of the beholder as to how “real” they are. Religion also gets thrown in there as well. A big section of people believe that if they don’t listen to certain music, movies, books, and television they get fast tracked right to the pearly gates, even though they tend to treat others horribly and sin in other areas of life. Of course there are loop holes in the music world. There are Christian death metal, black metal, speed metal etc…. that sound the same and have dark subject matter but the band members say they’re Christian and go to church every Sunday…so it’s ok. All art is subjective and slapping and good versus evil struggle on it is ridiculous

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      1. The judgment that happens in the name of religion is such a wonderful example of this and also one of my biggest frustrations. Having studied theology for as long as I have I know definitively Jesus told us we have no right to judge anyone, ever. Our job is just to love and leave the rest to God (who won’t judge us if we don’t judge others!). There is a version of this sort of compassionate presence in all enduring religions as well. But we are soooo bad at listening to this! Instead of letting religion elevate and transform us we use it to condemn others.

        I remember reading a book years ago about U2 and the author made the point that, even though they talk overtly about God and the Bible in so many of their songs, the “Christian music industry” would never call them Christian because they drink and smoke. Uh, I think someone’s missed the point.

        Like you said, all art is subjective. If you find something that moves you and lets you enjoy life more that’s beautiful. You’re right, slapping labels on it helps no one and only serves to needlessly divide us further.

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