F.N.V. – It’s A Party Up In Here!!

Well, well, well…It seems like this weeks Friday Night Videos just happens to be on my birthday. What are the odds? So in honor of being 41 and not having time to have a real party I’m throwing one here for all of my friends. So where ever you are listening/reading this take a moment to sing, dance, and enjoy life. Where ever I happen to be at the time, I’ll feel the good vibes!

Again, I’m gonna let the music do the talking. Enjoy!!

Wang Chung – Everybody Have Fun Tonight (1986)

Rufus & Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody (1983)

Eddie Murphy – Party All The Time (1985)

Lionel Richie – Dancing On The Ceiling (1986)


Deniece Williams – Let’s Hear It for the Boy (1984)

David Bowie – Lets Dance (1983)

Matthew Wilder – Break My Stride  (1983)


Bruce Springsteen – Dancing in the Dark (1984)

Billy Idol – Dancing With Myself (1981)

Ok, I was going to do the Gen-X version from 1980 for street cred sake but how could I not show this video? It’s so batshit crazy and fantastic!

Wang Chung – Dance Hall Days (1983)

Michael Jackson – Rock With You (1979)

Ok, technically it’s a 70s song and that’s why I didn’t include it with my ROCK Friday Night Videos post a few weeks past….but it’s to damn good to not include in my Birthday Jams!!

The Hooters – And We Danced (1985)


Gloria Estefan – Rhythm Is Gonna Get You (1987)


Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough (1979)

22 thoughts on “F.N.V. – It’s A Party Up In Here!!

    1. Thank you. I realize I miss a lot of great stuff. I’m planning on the last edition (or 2) being all the great stuff I missed. Huey Lewis and the News is definitely on that list


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