Our Thoughts After D23 Expo 2017

It’s Tuesday again true believers and that means it’s YouTubesday around My Side of the Laundry Room. In this week’s episode we go over some of the big announcements that came out of the D23 Expo.

Of course we can’t just stop at reporting the news. We ponder what the future holds for Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars while also looking at the whole convention season coming up.

Please enjoy!!


5 thoughts on “Our Thoughts After D23 Expo 2017

  1. Everyone always harangues Disney for how much things cost but here’s the thing – with Disney, I feel it’s worth it. It’s been almost twenty years since I was in Disney World and I still think about how awesome that trip was! Yes, with Disney you may pay a little more here and there, but you get a lot for it. And, as you pointed out, there are a variety of room and package prices too! So there’s something for everyone. I just love me some Disney. I’m glad the D23 got us two Disney-related episodes in a row too! Yay!

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    1. LOL, didn’t even think about the back to back Disney episodes. Hey Disney rules so it’s ok with me. I know what you mean, Disney builds memories. I’ve only been there once and it was a blink and you miss it trip. I was in my 30s and I still think about it all the time. I felt like a kid again and not in the run around crazy way, it was the total awe and heartfelt way.

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      1. Yep, that’s how I remember it too. Whenever I’m experiencing Disney – park, films, cartoons, whatever – it’s a happy time.
        You know I love your site but I get really excited about the Disney love you showcase! It makes me want to start saving for a Disney world trip RIGHT NOW when I read or watch your stuff about Disney :). They’ve given so much to us over the years and there’s so much joy to remember, relive, and experience for the first time too. One of the things I’ve always loved about Disney is, in an age of cynicism and postmodern snark, they are unashamed to be happy and joyful and excited. It’s brilliant and beautiful!

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      2. Plenty of time to save up before Star Wars land opens up.
        I too love the “old world” charm of Disney. I love being able to forget about all of the ugliness of this world and Disney movies (old and new) are a great way to shut out the outside world for an hour or more. We are leaving for the happiest place on earth in 2 months and I’m so excited!

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      3. You’re right! Movies that address the reality of the world are very important in their own way, as are movies that are dark, heavy, and somber. There’s a point to that kind of artistic expression. But we all need those movies where we escape and forget about the ugliness of the world – just like you said. That’s how we find the strength to move on when we need it or how we give ourselves the happiness we need.

        I can’t even imagine how excited you are for the upcoming Disney trip!!!!! Aaaaahhh!!! It’s going to be SO AMAZING!!! I will be looking forward to hearing all about it so I can experience the fun, joy, and magic vicariously once you get back. You and the fam are going to have so much fun!!! And yeah, maybe I should start planning and saving for a Disney World trip in a few years. That’s not a bad idea…

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