F.N.V. – Forgotten Soundtracks

The ’80s were filled with some of the best movies ever made and some of them had great soundtracks to go along with them. But for every Footloose or Dirty Dancing soundtrack

there were some that slipped between the cracks. So today I’m going to try and delve into those cracks and bring you some Forgotten Soundtracks. And by the way, I could do a whole Friday Night Videos on just the soundtracks that Queen did … tempting.

Have a great Friday my friends and please enjoy todays music!!

Howard Jones – Like To Get To Know You Well (1985)

From the movie Better Off Dead starring John Cusack, Jones’ song plays during the montage scene of Lane and Monique fixing up Lane’s 1967 Camaro…”which I believe your girlfriend Beth called it a… tasty car. Since then that tasty car has been in an auto cocoon on my front lawn.”  One of my favorite movies of all time!!


Wang Chung – To Live And Die In LA (1985)

Great song, good movie. I love how the video makes the process of song writing and recording look so damn serious and that Wang Chung were serious artists.


Tina Turner – One Of The Living (1985)

Sadly I don’t think they made an official trailer for this awesome song but luckily someone made a pretty cool fan made one, and it also has the more remembered song “We Don’t Need Another Hero” to boot. I’m sure George Miller knew when he cast Tina Turner in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome that she would add some great songs to the soundtrack.


Olivia Newton-John – Twist of Fate (1983)

Did you know Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta teamed up again for another musically charged movie? If not, don’t feel bad…people didn’t even know when the movie was released in 1983. Or if they did know they still stayed far, far away. Twist of Fate was a flop but I still rocked out on this album…and yes I mean album, like in record.


Queen – One Vision (1985)

Everyone wants to fall all over themselves over how “great” Top Gun is, and I tell those people they are WRONG. When in comes to ’80s movies with fighter jets, Iron Eagle is far superior. Queen lending their totally awesome song One Vision to the sound track is point number one. The movie had Tim Thomerson (one of the best actors ever), Louis Gossett Jr., and was about a teenager training to steal a multi-million dollar fighter jet so he could save his Air Force pilot father who was a P.O.W.. All of that AND when ever the kid would fly, he had to listen to rock’n tunes. What Top Gun have? A weird volleyball scene and a Kenny Loggins song (nothing against Kenny but were talking Queen here). Oh, and unlike Wang Chung, Queen look like they are having a blast recording!!


Honeymoon Suite – What Does it Take (1985)

I am a big Savage Steve Holland fan so I just had to include another one of his movies on this list. This time it’s for the movie “One Crazy Summer” , which if you haven’t seen it…you need to. NOW!

And remember if you make a funny face and someone hits you on the back…your face will stay that way FOREVER!!


 Alice Cooper – He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)(1986)

Don’t really have much to say….it’s a perfect storm of awesomeness (?!).


Tim Cappello – I Still Believe (1987)

Having cameos in both “The Lost Boys” and “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” Tim Cappello always known to me as “that saxophone guy”. Both movies show him as a shirtless, muscle bound dude with a penchant for chains and leather. Little did I know that he is well known for being fluent in many instruments and a singer/song writer. Now I feel silly thinking he was just a “saxophone guy”….the more you know…


Oingo Boingo – Dead Man’s Party (1985)

Rodney Dangerfield’s “Back to School” was one of my first exposers to Danny Elfman and Oingo Boingo. Little did we know then what a superstar Elfman would become in the world of movie scores and soundtracks. He defined the music of Batman and created the sound of most of Tim Burton’s films.


Twisted Sister – Burn In Hell (1984)

I leave you with probably the oddest of team-ups in the world of soundtracks. Hailing from the movie “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure”, Twisted Sister’s “Burn in Hell” appears in the film along side the band itself. Watch this “Officially Banned” video to see the scene and to get a great refresher on the totally awesome movie.


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