F.N.V. – Hip, Hop, Hippity Hop

The ’80s were a great decade for music, FACT. The ’80s ushered in many new styles and genres of music, some faded away almost as quickly as the ’90s came while others grew stronger and took on a life of their own. Rap and Hip-Hop was once viewed as a fad and many detractors thought it wouldn’t last. Now Rap and Hip-Hop are inspiring new genres and styles and dominate the music charts. Most of today’s Hip-Hop sounds nothing like the original acts that paved the way almost 40 years ago. But I bet people have said that about most types of music.

I may not be a diehard fan of Hip-Hop, but these songs will always have a place in my heart and a home on my MP3 player.

On a side note, sorry this is late. Spent day in and out of Doctor’s office trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with me. Physically not mentally (already know I’m screwed up in the head).

Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock – It Takes Two (1988)


The Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight (1979)

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – The Message (1982)


RUN-DMC – Run’s House (1988)

Public Enemy – Don’t Believe The Hype (1988)

MC Hammer – Turn This Mutha Out (1988)

LL Cool J – Rock The Bells (1986)

3rd Bass – The Gas Face (1988)

Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel – White Lines (1983)


Whodini – Freaks Come Out at Night (1986)


N.W.A. – Straight Outta Compton (1988)

Kool Moe Dee – How Ya Like Me Now (1987)


Beastie Boys – Hey Ladies (1989)



Anthrax – I’m The Man (1987)


That’s it for now. I could go on and on. There were so many great songs from these and many more rap artist in the ’80s. Have a great weekend!!

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