More Disappointing Toys Of The 80s

Keeping up with my late postings trend, here is the newest episode of My Side of the Laundry Room: Live that dropped last Tuesday. I only have one – maybe two weeks to go Continue reading “More Disappointing Toys Of The 80s”

Monstrous Tuesday – More Overlooked Horror Movies

Hello, friendly neighborhood monsterphiles! I apologize for the lateness of this weeks Monstrous Monday post but I am totally bogged down with work this week, sorry. As Continue reading “Monstrous Tuesday – More Overlooked Horror Movies”

Laundry Player One

In this weeks episode we talk about some of the news from SDCC that got us excited and how Disney’s D23 Expo stole some of the thunder away from the Comic Con. We also talk Continue reading “Laundry Player One”