F.N.V. – Poetry In Motion

Everyday we run, jump, walk, spin, and go round and round (?) so it’s no surprise that music covers these same themes. Either we are running towards love or away from it, jumping for joy or from pain, or we all spin right round (baby)…we are all moving. These awesome tunes from the best decade ever (the ’80s, duh) cover all sorts of movement and mood. Please let them charge up your Friday night and power you through the weekend…no matter what movement you choose.

Dire Straits – Walk Of Life (1985)

The Cure – The Walk (1983)

One of my favorites. Still love The Cure!!


A Flock Of Seagulls – I Ran (1982)

Tom Petty – Running Down A Dream (1989)


Van Halen – Jump (1983)


Pointer Sisters – Jump (For My Love) (1984)


Bryan Adams – Run To You (1984)


Ratt – Round and Round (1984)


Mike And The Mechanics – Silent Running (1986)


Bobby Brown – Every Little Step (1988)


Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) (1985)

Man, wish the eye patch trend would have caught on.


Was (Not Was) – Walk the Dinosaur (1987)


Bangles – Walk Like An Egyptian (1987)



Bon Jovi – Runaway (1984)

Hey, it has run in the title (kinda). AND it has a batshit crazy video…totally a bonus!!


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