Forgotten Toys Of The 80s

As I ease back into the Blogging Game after a few weeks off (real life’s a drag), I bring to you a new episode of My Side of the Laundry Room: Live.

In this week’s episode we discuss a topic that I have covered countless time before, Forgotten Toys. It’s a subject that is near and dear to my heart.

I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking. I hope you enjoy!!


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4 thoughts on “Forgotten Toys Of The 80s

  1. Alright, two thoughts. First – BATTLE BEASTS!!!!! I loved those little guys!!! They were such an incredible toy! Oh man I loved how they looked, their armor, their weapons…my brother and I used to play with them ALL the time! And they were toys that I’d always use, even though they were smaller in scale, to crossover with my other action figures. I just loved those guys!

    Second, your closing comments about being able to spend money for the “fan” or “dork” experience was this big existential question that I’ve never thought of. For me, I think what makes you a dork or geek or (perhaps most of all) a fan is what’s in your heart. I know it sounds cheesy but I think it’s true! I had to stop reading comics when I started driving. I didn’t have the money. But I always still saw myself as a HUGE Spider-Man fan. He’s my guy! I just read my first new Spider-Man comic for the first time in nearly twenty years a few weeks ago. In those intervening years I saw the movies, picked up a few amazing (pun intended) t-shirts and thought about/discussed all I knew about Spidey from my past, But I never thought I was less of a fan. Bigger collections mean greater disposable income not a greater fan. At least that’s how I see it. But I loved the existential question! I was really thinking about it as you two were talking. Obviously, look how much I’ve typed about it :). Anyway, as always, great episode!

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    1. Look for Battle Beasts in a future episode. I love them too. We’re going to be starting a new monthly series just on forgotten toys….oops I may have said too much…stay tuned!

      Yeah, it’s just something I struggle with since I’ve been “outta da game”. Everyone around me still builds their collections and I feel left out of the conversations. As sad as it is I build a virtual collection by saving pictures I find online…its also a giant wish list for when I hit the lotto…lol

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      1. YES! I love that there’s more Battle Beasts to come! Watching this video made me want to go dig around my parents’ house to find them and play with my brother.

        And I love the idea of your virtual collection! It’s a way to realistically enjoy what’s coming out. Between comic books being $3.99 an issue and action figures going for anywhere from $10.00 to $49.99 it’s almost impossible for adults to enjoy them let alone kids. Being able to save and treat myself to a $1.25 comic or a $5 action figure from time to time was a great part of my childhood. I feel bad it’s so much harder for kids today to be able to enjoy that. It also limits what we all can do! I look at my entertainment budget each month and think of how, if things were cheaper, I wouldn’t spend less but I’d happily spend the same amount and get more! Another perk to the virtual list is it’s always nice to have a wish list handy whenever you may need it. 99% of what’s in my Amazon cart at any given time isn’t there to be purchased…it’s just there because I’d LIKE to buy it :).

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  2. OMG…on Amazon I have like 10 different wish lists. Everything from RPG Books to stuff for my kids. I love how you can add stuff to lists on there. Has come in handy for the rare occasions when my wife says I can I treat myself ll


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