80s Clothes I Wish I Had.

Ugh! I had such high hopes for Fridays this summer, I really did. I wanted Fridays to be a day of celebration and full of summer awesomeness. I wanted the air to be filled with music, music from the era I love the best…the ’80s. But sadly I got too wrapped up in work and life and I kinda dropped the ball…when I wanted to drop the bomb (on me, baby).

So I started thinking and I came up with something new to do on Fridays (and another way to box myself in and cause great anxiety).

My Friday Five -or- MF5 for short. What My Friday Five is, is a place where I can sound off on five things (in list format). I know, you’re asking yourself now “But you already do five things lists all the time. Hell, you just did one earlier this week on G.I. Joe vehicles.”. My response to your very astute observation is, “But this can be 5 things from the most random places of my mind. Like for example clothes or things that happened on a show I like or things that piss me off about other drivers on the road…you know, shit like that.”

In a nutshell, it’s stuff that isn’t headline worthy by itself but if I give it the MF5 stamp you kinda know what you’re in for. So without further ado, here is the first MF5…

’80s Clothes I Wish I Had


Sure I had ugly AF shorts in the ’80s, but I never had the official Original Jams. Only the raddest of the rad had them back in the day. I was poor so I had zero rad.

2. Kevin Harris Mountie T-Shirt


Just always loved this design.

3. Monsters of Rock T-Shirt


Had an older friend that went to the concert and got this shirt. Still so jealous.

4. This Classic X-Men T-Shirt


A local comic book store had this on a T-Shirt. By the time I saved up enough money to get it, the store was out of business. Would have looked boss with a pair of JAMS.

5. Boba Fett Underoos


Really don’t need to explain myself.


See ya next week!!

Keep Being Rad & Stay Dorky



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