What’s On My Mind (9/15/17)

Another week has come and gone and the time is here to present My Friday Five. I’ve had a ton of stuff on my mind this week. The family is FIVE days out from Disney World and I’m equal parts excited and stressed. We had a couple dork news bits this week as well. I’m skipping the Star Wars brew-ha-ha because I’m really paying it no mind. I trust Disney and Lucasfilm know what they’re doing.

Enjoy the inner workings of my mind.


1. David Harbour as Hellboy


It’s a little different than the Pearlman version (I dig the long hair) but still 100% Hellboy. But I do wonder if that’s Harbour’s real physique. I mean, come on we all saw Stranger Things so if it is….good job homie.

2. Fear of flying


It’s safer than driving, yes I know…but FUCK!! Have only been on planes at one time in my life and that was my Honey Moon…but FUCK! Was a total of four flights….but FUCK! Can’t be vocal about it because I don’t want kids to be afraid….But FUCK!!!

This gif of Otto from Airplane will help me get through it.


 3. Packing


I have so many lists for stuff we need to pack for Disney World. The lists have been rewritten and edited so many times it feels like I’ve packed the bags already. Whenever kids and being somewhere without a vehicle are involved it raises the stress level by 80%. Wish I had the steamer trunks from Joe Versus The Volcano.

4. Video Editing


YouTube is getting rid of their editor and I became too dependent on in. Now I’m trying to learn a new (better) editor. I hope since I have to learn this stuff from scratch I can pick up some tricks.

5. All the people effected by Harvey and Irma


My heart goes out to all of the people that suffered loss and fear during these two horrific hurricanes. Can’t even imagine the horror of the storm and the aftermath of rebuilding you life. Stay Strong!!



The Shape Of Water Red Band Trailer

Another fairy tale from del Torro….HELL YES!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “What’s On My Mind (9/15/17)

  1. Travel safe and have fun my friend! No matter how stressful thoughts of the plane make you just remember, on the other side of that flight is THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. You’re going to have such a great time. I can’t wait to hear all about it and experience it vicariously. WOO HOO!!!

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