Stay Tuned For Disney Magic

Hello Laundry Roommates, I had hoped to come out of the gate running today with news, notes, and adventurous tales of the magic I found at Walt Disney World. Sadly my plans almost always fall apart. Between being a “vacation zombie” shambling through the work day today and being overwhelmed with so much to talk about, I haven’t been able to write much.

I even had a surprise in store for today, but with the shitty internet connection at home my stuff didn’t upload in time.

I will say one thing though, I was very, very busy the entire week we were there. I had planned to send over some pictures and stuff via Facebook and Twitter while at Disney, but I didn’t even have time for that. The whole experience is very overwhelming, mostly in the best way possible but there are times where you feel like screaming and acting like a loon because you’re gonna lose your shit.

Even being back home has been overwhelming. My mind is working in overdrive to try and organize the trip and keep a smile on my face while real life is trying to steal my magic and drown me in bullshit.

Here’s an artists interpretation of that…


Tomorrow I hope to post the surprise I had in store for today. maybe surprise is a strong word but it is a cool thing to see nonetheless.

Also tomorrow the newest episode of LIVE should be up. It’s part one of a two part episode where Chris and I discuss my trip to Disney, his past trips to Disney, and some real life shit people don’t tell you about Disney before you go there. It should be educational and entertaining for anyone that has ever been there or is planning on going there in the future.

Anyway, as the title says, please stay turned for Disney Magic to cover My Side of the Laundry Room with pixie dust over the next week or weeks.

Until then….

Keep Being Rad and Stay Dorky




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