A Dork Dad’s Real Life Guide To Disney World – Part 1

Wow, what a long title. Sorry, but I wanted to capture the spirit of the video (and maybe capture a few extra views). The time my family and I spent in Disney World was truly magical, BUT there are plenty of real life issues that arise, especially with young children in tow. So this is just a little guide (and Disney dork-out bullshit session) to help people enjoy their time at Disney World.

Soon I will be breaking the parks down one by one and writing about the highs and lows of our trip. It is nowhere near a complete story or guide since we didn’t / couldn’t do everything, but its a start.

I hope you enjoy!!!!!


2 thoughts on “A Dork Dad’s Real Life Guide To Disney World – Part 1

  1. Glad your family trip to Disney was fun! If your two families go together in the future, you will have to do your podcast live there! My family has been there twice and both times we stayed at Port Orleans, which gave us fast pass and extended hours. We would go to parks in morning, come back to swim and then nap in the afternoon, and then go back to the parks and stay out until 2 am. My kids loved staying out that late and it worked for us.

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    1. We looked at Port Orleans, looks nice. Yeah, that was our plan to spend the day like that but it ended up being a hassle. Might be better when they’re older.
      A podcast there would be cool. My wife has even talked about getting My Side of the Laundry Room shirts made for when we all go lol

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