A Halloween Poem – Trick or Treat

My attempt at a poem. I hope it makes sense and is enjoyable. I don’t think I’ve written a poem since high school, so I’m shaking off 20-plus years of dust. 


Trick or Treat

Excitement builds, but not for candy.

The sense of adventure is my treat.

Exploring a neighborhood I do not know,

well past my bedtime.

That night was calm as sounds traveled from unknown places.

Dogs bark in the distance and all sound lonely.

Roving bands of children laugh and chatter,

while treat bags sway.

Dried leaves tumble over each other.

Skitter over concrete.

Sounds of a pursuing monster,

stop my heart cold.

My older cousins are my cohorts.

Too old they only chaperone.

I forget what disguise one wore,

but one was a mummy on skates.

Yards decorated with lights and ghouls.

It was a rarity in the early eighties

Scary people answer their doors,

not letting the kids have all the fun.

The night is over.

Candy in my sack.

Back to school tomorrow,

and being only me.



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