A Halloween Poem – Later That Night

After writing the first poem I felt the need to write another. This is only a few minutes after writing the first one so if it sucks just as much as the first one it was because I didn’t wait for the feedback. Oh well, I hope you like it.


Later That Night

Back at home and lonely again.

I sit in my silent room.

I face the window,

watching for ghosts.

My face burns from scrubbing.

Had to get the makeup off.

I was a homemade clown that year,

not really what I wanted to be.

My eyes scan the woods behind my house.

I wanted to see something fantastic.

I dream of seeing goblins and ghasts,

or dancing lights in the trees.

Secret meetings between some fey.

Some pranks planned or candy stolen.

The little people of the forest,

are free to move about.

I still believe in Halloween.

The veil is at its thinnest.

A time when anything can happen,

and spirits visit this world.

At forty-one I still stay up.

I still dream of goblins.

Searching and wishing for something,

to walk across my lawn.


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