My Halloween 2017

Happy Friday Laundry Roommates. It’s time once again to list off five things in no particular order.

I know it is only the 27th, but Halloween is already over for me and my family. Kinda sucks but here is a list with some of the highs and lows of my favorite holiday. Oh, and the explanation to why it’s already over.

1. Trick or Treating


Where I live in Pennsylvania, we have trick or treating on the last Tuesday of the last full week of the month. This year it was on the 24th, a whole week before Halloween. Sure, the kids had fun but for me it’s missing some of the magic of when I was a kid and only trick or treated on Halloween. Don’t know why they do it, don’t really care because no reason would make sense to me.

2. Parade


One of the things my town does is have a big Halloween parade. Growing up, the town I lived in had parades but nothing this big (like 2 hours long big). Its a big deal and fun but very stressful because you need to stake your claim to a sitting area like 36 hours ahead of time. But it was loads of fun and the kids got a lot of candy.

3. Costumes

Getting back to the trick or treating…like I mentioned before my kids wanted different costumes than the ones we got for Disney World. At Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween we went as the characters from Inside Out. For trick or treating my son wanted to be a fireman with a “real” helmet and my daughter wanted to be Pikachu. I steered her away from a weird one with a horrible plastic mask, so she chose a pretty Pikachu dress with a tail and Pikachu cap.

4. Candy


Ok, Candy is evil in the hands of a 2 1/2 and 5 year old. ’nuff said.

5. Stranger Things: Season 2


I’m already on the 4th episode and it does not disappoint. Makes me so happy!!

I Have a couple more Halloween traditions I like to do, but I’ll try to talk about those later. Until then, I hope everyone has a great Halloween Weekend!!!!!!!






12 thoughts on “My Halloween 2017

    1. There is no logic and it’s lame. No one who lives here knows why, but it’s been this way for a long time. It sucks on so many different levels. I say if you are going to make it on a day other than Halloween at least make it on a weekend


      1. WHAT!!! I can’t believe you would want trick-or-treating on the weekend!!! As your wife who only works WEEKEND nights, and has lived in this town for 32 years, I happen to love that we trick-or-treat the Tuesday before Halloween. It works out perfectly for our family. It means I never have to miss out on the festivities or have to stress about finding coverage at work. And if we really wanted to trick-or-treat on Halloween night there is nothing stopping us from line hopping into Maryland on the 31st and double dipping, as you say, in the closest neighborhood there. As for the parade, all I can say is that the Halloween parade in our town is a family tradition. I have gone since I was a kid, we have gone as a couple since we started dating without kids, and have not missed a year (even in the frigid cold) since we have had our kids. I hope our children will continue the same traditions if they stay local when they are adults and have their own kids. You have to admit the homemade dinosaur in the parade was pretty awesome this year! Putting the chairs out the day before is part of the adventure. Seeing miles of chairs lining the streets the day before helps build the excitement for the parade for me and the kids. Love the traditions in our town and hope they continue strong just the way they are. Love you babe!

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  1. The trick-or-treating thing blows my mind. Speaking as someone who lives in Northwestern Pennsylvania we do it on the 31st. I wonder if it’s just a community thing around you or an area thing or, like you said, maybe something with Amish country? Huh…this is odd. So it’s always the Tuesday then? Like Thanksgiving and Thursdays? You’re right. If you’re going to do this, why not always a weekend then?? This is crazy.

    Also, HAPPY HALLOWEEN (weekend and beyond)!

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    1. It’s a township thing I think? Anyways we are walking distance to the township line and one year the township next to us had theirs on the 31st. Those kids came to our neighborhood and cleaned us out in an hour, then the punks waited a couple days and trick or treated again. I’m sure the kids around us did the same thing come the 31st. This was before I had kids so,we didn’t get to double dip…damnit

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      1. But the double dipping would be a brilliant way to handle the split. Ha! There’s few things that makes kids more industrious than the prospect of free candy. Well, kids or adults…like me…but you get what I’m saying. Free candy is awesome.

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