New Banner Art!!

Halloween has come and gone and now I’m left feeling a tad bit melancholy about it. Of course I’ve already expressed the highs and lows of my Halloween season, so no need to dig there any deeper.

As a way to refresh and forge forward I thought this would be a great time to unveil the new My Side of the Laundry Room banner art. Here is the original piece that I had to unfortunately trim down and edit to fit…


The art comes from an awesome artist I’ve known for about 27 years named Matt Plog. Matt is a fantastic artist that has done work in comic books, gaming books, and other commercial offerings. His work in the Battletech RPG books has been polarizing to the gaming community because of the manga/anime influence he brought to some of the older mech designs.

Here are a few examples of his brilliant work…




You can check out more of his work HERE

Hope you all dig the new banner!!

Keep Being Rad & Stay Dorky



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