5 Pokémon I’d Hang Out With

Happy Friday Laundry Roommates!! I’m sad to report that there might not be a Monstrous Monday this coming week. Things are going to be a crazy around the Laundry Room this weekend but I’ll try to do a little somethin’ -somethin’. But for now it’s Friday,so lets celebrate the end of another work week with a Monster themed MF5…Pocket Monster, or Pokémon for short.

Pokémon is part of my everyday life. Either it be watching the cartoon, Playing Pokémon Go, or reading one of the books to my kids. I mean the other stuff is with my kids too…sometimes.

I’ve been a fan of Pokémon for 20 years, yet I’ve never once played the card game or video games on Nintendo. I’ve also been watching the show for almost 20 years (Jesus!), so that is my mythos along with the books. That being said, here are my five Pokémon that I’d hang with (Just because i think saying i own them is weird since they’re intelligent and stuff.).

1. Hawlucha


A high flying, pro-wrestling Pokémon bird? Yes, please. He has bravado, confidence, and fighting skills. This 2′ 7″ Pokémon is all kinds of awesome and a Pokémon that has a Lucha mask is just plain rad. With his flight ability, he is always on the “top rope” and ready to unleash an arsenal of aerial wrestling attacks.

2. Blaziken


Nothing says cooler than a Muay Thai martial artist dragon-fire-chicken Pokémon thing. I envision him busting out some awesome Tony Ja moves on fools. Just to put it in perspective, he stands at over 6 feet tall. Pokémon and human alike need to fear Blaziken’s fury. Oh, and by the way his legs are so strong enough that he can leap over a 30-story building.

3. Gogoat


Riding a big-ass goat around sounds so rad. I could finally reenact all my D&D Dwarf fantasies and ride around like a boss. It doesn’t hurt Gogoat’s coolness that its part plant and has huge horns.

4. Gengar


With a ghost Pokémon like Gengar every day could be Halloween. Standing at almost 5 feet tall, Gengar is a fearsome, frightful ghost type that uses shadow and poison based powers to scare people and attack them. Some people are driven mad for the rest of their lives because of encounters with Gengar…awesome.

5. Cubone


Only Pokémon could make a monster wearing his dead mother’s skull on his head cute. Rumor has it that a Cubone is a Kangaskhan baby that has lost his mother and the loss evolved it into a Cubone. So tragic yet so bad ass. I envision a Punisher like Cubone hunting down the people responsible for the death of its mother. Also to really bring the feels a Cubone’s mask is stained with its tears as it remembers its mother.

Damn, that was 5 already?!? But i have so many more!! I guess I’ll have to wait until another Friday to revisit the awesomeness of Pokémon.

Have a GREAT WEEKEND folks,

Keep Being Rad & Stay Dorky




5 thoughts on “5 Pokémon I’d Hang Out With

  1. I started playing Pokémon Go with my kids last summer, and they have all quit, yet I am still playing! The strange thing is that I do not typically enjoy playing video games and I (or my kids) never watched the Pokémon tv series. But I am addicted to the phone game! Today I caught the elusive Farfetch’d, so I came home bragging to my family. Sadly they were not impressed 😉

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