LIVE – News On Disney’s Streaming Service, Star Wars, & Marvel

Wow, Disney really gave us something to talk about this week. A new trilogy set who- knows-where about people we’ve never met before…sign me up. Also a Star Wars TV show airing on their streaming service…OMG!!

Tune in to LIVE and see if you agree with our thoughts.


and as a bonus check out another quick review (and when I say quick, I mean quick) by yours truly.

Yeah, I know…Smurfs. I can’t help that I love those little blue bastards!!


5 thoughts on “LIVE – News On Disney’s Streaming Service, Star Wars, & Marvel

  1. I LOVE THE SMURFS!!!! I grew up on the cartoon and even smurfed the Neil Patrick Harris films (even though they did smurf a bit off) because they were smurftastic! Admittedly, I haven’t smurfed the new one yet but now I can’t wait!! Aaaahhh!!! I love me some Smurf fun!!!

    Also, to the other episode, I’m with you. I’m excited about the prospect of a Disney streaming service. And, if it’s filled with all the excitement and magic we know, love, and expect from Disney, I’m down with paying for it. Sorry the comment became so Smurf-oriented :). But I love them!

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      1. That’s my hope too! All the newer stuff is great but I’d love to be able to see all the Disney stuff I grew up on – the cartoon shorts, the Mickey Mouse Club, etc. – and even the stuff my parents grew up on! They have so much content they can explore :).


      2. ME TOO! And that, despite the negative blowback they’ve been getting, is why I think a Disney-only streaming service can work. They have so much content to share and this is a perfect way to do it. Maybe they could even have price plans, based on what you want access to? I don’t know. But I’m with you. Let’s bring it all back for everyone’s enjoyment!

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