LIVE – Talkin’ Stranger Things 2

Howdy Laundry Roommates, This episode was done a couple of weekends ago but with more timely Star Wars news to talk about it got lost in the shuffle. I didn’t want to hang on to this for to much longer, so here it is.


What did everyone think of season 2 of Stranger Things? Did it live up to the expectations set with the first season? Let me know!

4 thoughts on “LIVE – Talkin’ Stranger Things 2

  1. Well, I liked the majority of season 2. I think that someone said that it was out-xing the X-Men, and I’m cool with that. I think that the ending was a little rushed, but not by much, and the narrative stayed within the 1980s, both in context and style. If the first season was akin to ‘Goonies’, season 2 was more ‘Explorers’.

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    1. Well hello there Mark. I think the show has a different life when viewed by people who lived through the 80s. We see the parallels and get a much different emotional beat than younger viewers


  2. I just finished the two seasons, and LOVED it! So now I could watch your complete video and weigh in. They got so much right about the 80’s! You comment on the freedom kids had then- and that was very true. The things I did and places I went as a kid are much different than how I have raised my children. But…being gone overnights, sometimes whole weekends?? Plus 11 was in the basement for days with no one the wiser, and Jonathon spent the night in Nancy’s room? While their freedom is absolutely rooted in truth, the show did push the boundaries of what “normal” suburban parents would allow for the plot’s sake.

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    1. Yeah, it was a bit of fantasy in the parental involvement department but most kid adventure movies of the Eighties were like that. It was if the parents were in a Peanuts cartoon, never seen and only went “wah wah wah” lol.
      In the Nancy bedroom scene I think I felt more anxiety then they did over getting caught lol.
      I’m so happy that you liked it!! Now bring on Season 3!!

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