MF5 – Thoughts About Punisher’s First Episode

I’ve only had time to watch the first episode of Netflix and Marvel’s Punisher series. But that episode was strong enough to stir feelings within me and they are in turn strong enough to get me to write about the experience. Oh, what an experience it was.

1. Instantly hit with the horror of losing your family.


Within the first few seconds of the Punisher they paint a picture of the mind jumbling insanity of losing your children. It was acted so intensely by Jon Bernthal that I became freighted and sad at the thought of experiencing that same loss.

2. What a shot!


I don’t want to spoil anything, but within the first five minutes we are treated to a very nice (not nice, you know what I mean) and well filmed/orchestrated assassination by the Punisher.

3. Hard time fitting in


There is a scene where the loner Frank Castle (now known as Pete) is forced into a conversation. The expression Jon Bernthal gives is one of panic that paints a picture that Frank is having a hard time becoming a “human being” after all that he has endured and done. It’s a very quick expression but it spoke volumes.

4. Fighting to protect the innocent


Again, not to spoil anything but a character gets roped into something that they didn’t sign-up for and when things go south Frank steps in and saves the day…which leads me to…

5. Is there something wrong with me


Is there something wrong with me that I took delight in Frank going all Punisher on a bunch of people who deserved it? I actually got a little giddy…damn, I need help. Or do I? Millions of Punisher comic fans can’t be wrong.

I can’t wait to see more from this show sadly this might not be the binge watching kinda weekend I wish it was. When I get a chance to watch all of the episodes I’ll give my two-cents on it, but for now I’m happy with what the first episode delivered.

7 thoughts on “MF5 – Thoughts About Punisher’s First Episode

      1. Sounds great! Yeah, the Marvel TV shows can be a bit slow and padded out at times, but they usually deliver the goods. Will look forward to seeing some of the Punisher episodes over the weekend 🙂

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