80s Toys That Deserve A Second Chance

Toys in the 80s were some of the most inventive and imaginative things ever created. Some were borderline crazy while some were so practical it was surprising that they hadn’t been made before. Nowadays the toy aisle of your local Wal-Mart or you local Toys R Us are a very sad place. Gone are the days of cool one-off toy lines, imagination, or any general surprises. Heck, if you think the state of toys is dismal, check out the state of cartoons. Back in the day toys and cartoons went hand-in-hand, sure they were 30 minute commercials, but they were awesome.

Here are some toys that deserve a second shot at being great. Some were hits when they came out, some were not, but they all were rad in their own way.

9 thoughts on “80s Toys That Deserve A Second Chance

      1. My pleasure 😊 aside from some of the death traps that were available, there are so many toys I wish I could share with my kid. I wish I kept them! My daughter did get all my husband’s old star wars figures though. Yep he took them out of their original packaging for his princess 😊

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      2. I will do the same (maybe) when my kids are a little older. I let my son hold my original Prime figure I got for Christmas as a kid and within seconds his leg got broken off. Over 30 years he survived in my hands, 5 seconds in his…oh well. Every day I remember stuff that I think the kids would love but tracking them down and finding them for a fair price is hard

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