Favorite Christmas Songs

With the passing of Thanksgiving the air waves have now been filled with the delectable sounds of Christmas. Who am I kidding? Christmas music starts playing in some stores right after Halloween.

I’m a sucker for a good festive holiday tune. Other than just the warm feelings a good Christmas song can stir, I love how Christmas songs are a time capsule of the era they were sung or written in. It’s amazing so many people can sing the same song and most of them sound different. Either it be a band leader driven classic to a more heavy metal infused revival to a smooth R&B standard, there is a Christmas song for everybody.

Here are some of my favorites, at least dictated by availability on YouTube and my limit of 5. Maybe I’ll do another 5 within the month.

1. A Holly Jolly Christmas – Burl Ives (1965)

I guess my first exposer to Ives was like most kids of the ’70s and ’80s, through his stop-motion counterpart in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. He just seems like a cool and gentle-souled dude and it comes across in this jolly tune.

2. Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy – Bing Crosby & David Bowie (1977)  

The blending of Crosby’s  earthly crooner tones with the ethereal singing of Bowie make this a timeless classic. Whatever stories you read about what happened behind the scenes of this meeting doesn’t matter because what these two did was magic.

3. Carol of the Bells – August Burns Red (2009)

I just couldn’t do a musical list without adding some metal to the scene. Carol of the Bells is a hauntingly beautiful Christmas song but what August Burns Red adds to their version is a aura of fun, if your into metal at least. I love the change-ups in this tune!

4. Last Christmas – WHAM! (1986)

Yup, along with bringing the metal I also have to bring the ’80s!! Ever since the song came out I’ve been a fan. I have to be honest, when this song comes on I have to sing it as loud and obnoxiously as possible just because it bugs mu daughter.

5. Christmas In Hollis – RUN-DMC (1987)

What a fun song! A modern (for 1987) and wholly original Christmas song that in my option still brings the jolly, the merry, and the fun of the season.

Have a happy Friday folks…see you Monday for the next installment of Christmas Monstrous Monday.

3 thoughts on “Favorite Christmas Songs

  1. I LOVE ‘Last Christmas’ as well, I will never get over this song. Unlike almost everyone else I know 😉

    And I would listen to Bowie sing anything. He could sing my grocery list back to me and I would be excited^^ May he rest in peace..

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    1. He was someone I never thought I would hear about dying. For my entire life he was an ageless force that weaved in and out of my life with music and acting.
      I’m glad to know I’m in great company with loving Last Christmas…right on!!

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  2. YES! I love Christmas music too. I play it exclusively in my car from the day after Thanksgiving until the new year. And I still prefer my albums to iTunes and playlists so I have a stack of Christmas albums in the car and around the house for the whole season. What a great, great list! I love every one on here too!

    Bob Dylan put out a Christmas album a few years back, with all the proceeds going to feeding people who need it in America. To hear his grizzled, gravely voice singing these classics (often with an angelic sounding choir or a beautifully melodic backup vocalist or two behind him) is a special sort of fun :). His version of “Must Be Santa” is probably my favorite on the album.

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