LIVE: Lord of the Wars – Episodes 1 – 3

I know nowadays people seem more prone to defend the Prequels (except for Jar Jar, we ALL still hate him) but in 1999 things were far different. Hardly anyone could find any qualities in Phantom Menace to defend. For a movie we waited almost 20 years to see, a lot of our hearts were broken after leaving the theater.

We would have to wait three years to see if the “ship was righted” in Attack of the Clones, and sadly in this case absence did not make the heart grow fonder. As the years ticked by it was hard to remain a fan of the new direction Star Wars was going. In December of 2001, about six months away from Attack of the Clones release, a new trilogy was starting…


In this 3-part series we look at each one of the Star Wars Prequel movies side-by-side with the Lord of the Rings trilogy. We don’t have any definitive answers or comparisons, we’re just reliving the time in our lives where we felt like we couldn’t count on something we believed in our entire lives but we found hope in the embrace of another film maker and his vision of Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

Please Enjoy!




Believe me, if I wasn’t under a time crunch at the moment I could write a lot more on this subject and where our minds were at in the late 90s and early 2000’s but i’ll let the episodes do the talking.

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6 thoughts on “LIVE: Lord of the Wars – Episodes 1 – 3

  1. First, I totally dug the time machine trip with these three episodes :). Second, what I found fascinating, was listening to you and Chris describe just how you felt when you watched the Prequels I realized it was almost exactly how I felt when I walked out of ‘The Force Awakens.’ Now you know I’ve (finally) gotten to a place where I can enjoy and value that film for what it is but I felt hurt, betrayed, empty, and angry when I finished my first viewing. So this has made me wonder…is this part of being a Star Wars fan? Given the fact this is a story that stretches decades over so many different mediums, will all fans eventually have this moment, where Star Wars doesn’t feel like it’s theirs anymore? I think it would make an interesting sociological study!

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      1. It’s funny…I’d say I absolutely grew up with the Original Trilogy but maybe the Prequels came at a time where I was still young enough to see it all as Star Wars, you know? I was in sixteen when ‘The Phantom Menace’ came out, nineteen with ‘Attack Of The Clones,’ and twenty-two for ‘Revenge Of The Sith’ and I loved them all. (Oh, and to ease your and Rob’s minds, the Trade Federation blockaded Naboo because Palpatine, as Sidious, had them invade thus creating the sympathy vote needed to become Supreme Chancellor as he’s from Naboo (sorry for the tangential nerd-out)) Now, with the new ones though, I DID feel like that old guy yelling at the kids who didn’t get Star Wars :).

        Although, as I’ve said, I’m happy to say I’ve come to a point where I can love what Disney’s doing too. I mean, c’mon! Poe makes me want to hope in an X-Wing and fly in a way I haven’t since I watched Luke do it in the Original Trilogy!

        Man I would love an X-Wing… I once dreamed of building a house that was a to-scale replica of the Millennium Falcon too :). How cool would that be?!? I even wanted the boarding ramp to serve as the front door. Imagine sitting down with your cup of coffee in the morning, looking out over the neighborhood through the freaking cockpit of the Falcon. It would be so great!!!

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