80s Cartoons That Should Be Movies

Happy YouTubesday Laundry Roommates. Feeling a bit under the weather today, so this will be short and sweet.

This weeks episode finds us discussing what awesome toys and cartoons from the 80s should be turned into live-action movies or television shows. Some have already been done, but not done well so we talk about how we would handle them.

As a bonus here are two Quick Reviews I did recently….


3 thoughts on “80s Cartoons That Should Be Movies

  1. A lot of fans – not just Chris – are screaming for “updated” versions of classic 80s movies.
    This means CG-drenched stuff like Transformers, Power Rangers, etc. – bland and artificial tosh produced by people who *don’t understand* what was so cool about th original product/cartoons.
    I don’t know if u had these cartoons in th US, but when I was about so high, I would have loved to see Battle Of Th Planets (original Japanese title: Gatchaman) and Ulysses 31 on th big screen. Now, with over-reliance on CGI, I dread th thot of their revival

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    1. I know. I don’t see the point of updated movies. of course the biggest reason is for new FX, but FX alone can’t make a movie. Sure it looks great on a trailer and I to have gotten aboard the hype-train from time to time but ultimately it’s missing heart and soul that the original had. I would like to see some movies that were disappoints in my childhood done proper (He-Man) and I’m all for turning some of the cartoons into live action (or even better, anime) movies but they need to be handled with care like I’ve seen so far with Battle Angel.
      I know and loved the shows you speak of. I can’t recall to much of them but I remember them coming on very early Sunday mornings along with Astro Boy and Speed Racer.

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      1. Great points, Rob!
        Yes, u’re absolutely right: FX alone can’t make a movie, despite too many film-makers believing precisely that!
        Funnily enough, I was going to mention “heart and soul” in my original Comment, but th problem is – as w both know – h&s and business don’t mix. It’s all just an industry now, and “handle w care” no longer applies…
        Glad to hear u got both those classics 🙂 but neither AB, nor SR, were shown in th UK 😦 (could only read about them in Starlog 😉 )
        Stay dorky, amigo!!


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