LIVE – First Thoughts On Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Firstly, this episode of LIVE is chock full of spoilers. If you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi yet, please wait to watch until you see the movie.

That being said, Happy YouTubesday Laundry Roommates!!

Wow, who would have thought there would be two warring factions on social media about the newest Star Wars movie. Usually there are disappointed people no matter the case in any aspect of life. Most of these minor disappointments are fleeting thoughts that pass quickly but not Star Wars. Lines are being drawn and people are losing there shit, big time.

Chris and I are both long time Star Wars fans that have had Star Wars in our lives in one shape or form for 40 years. Hear our thoughts about the new movie and see how two dudes who live and breath Star Wars really think about The Last Jedi.



18 thoughts on “LIVE – First Thoughts On Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  1. It all seems to come down to expectations. People built up all these theories in their minds and thought that all these certain things were going to happen and then for some reason seem mad that it didn’t end up taking the easiest, most obvious routes for every conflict. Me, I was thrilled that so many unexpected things happened and that certain aspects didn’t end up with fanfiction-ish resolutions.

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    1. I know! I loved being kept on my toes. Like I said, I even thought Rey was going to die at one point because the movie took me to places I never expected. Did I have theories, Hell yes but I’m not mad that I was wrong…I’m happy about it.

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      1. Also my wife is now arguing with me about Leia/Mace…she says “it was easier for her because there was no gravity”, I said “but her target was a ship moving at probably a million miles an hour!”, she still insists she’s right, of course.

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      2. Great point on both sides! But I still think it was a lack of knowing what to do that killed poor Mace. Lucas painted himself into a corner and took a lame way out. Props to you both


      3. I don’t think it is as simple as this. I have seen a lot of this floating around, the idea that people had expectations in the form of fan theories that didn’t come to fruition, resulting in their disappointment. I find that entire train of thought reductive and insulting to fans who care deeply about Star Wars and are raising legitimate points about the film’s shortcomings. While I am sure some people are pissed their individual ideas didn’t happen, the overarching suggestion about expectations not being met seems like a quick reaction to the film’s critics that is devoid of well-formulated analysis.

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      4. To be honest the insulting nature of the whole silly thing have been coming from all sides. When you say ‘well-formulated analysis” do you mean the movie itself or just the comments themselves about expectations?

        I’ll be the first to say someone is entitled to their own thoughts and grievances with the movie. But I can also admit that both sides take it a bit far. I do think a good percentage of fans expected one thing and were given another and have walled themselves up in the process to see any positives in the movie. Their negative and reductive thoughts have soured the lines of communication just as much as those with the “frat boy” mentality of “it was awesome stfu!”.

        It’s really hard for anyone to know what is coming next in episode IV. Things that are causing contention and unrest now with the fans may have been a stepping stone into something else that we cannot see yet, which is how I have approached some of the items I did not like. I don’t even feel the need to give those items “legs” by talking about them because I am going along for the ride and enjoying it. I can see how people are upset but for their own sense of being they need to move forward. It’s not a status of fandom to be hung-up on something or to not be. Just because I loved the movie or someone did not does not make either one of us more or less a fan. I’m sorry but I think that someones act of rebuttal itself is not insulting or reductive, the means in how they do it can be and both sides have taken the high ground as well as the low to get their emotions across on the subject.

        So getting back to your original statement, of course its not as simple as this because we are dealing with human beings and they are not a simple beast.


  2. No one is over simplifying anything. The issues with this film is it did not meat some people expectations no more or less. I will like to see how time judges this movie. I also wonder if Rotten tomatoes had been around what Empire would have gotten at the time of it release. No one expected Empire after New Hope. I am sure there was backlash in some shape or form.

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  3. Had to see what u both thought, missed this video when u released it, I wish I could get behind the movie, but damn I just think it’s terrible…good to hear your thoughts though!

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    1. I’m sorry you didn’t dig it. The good thing about Star Wars is that its a huge galaxy and there is room for everyone. I just saw Solo and I think everyone should see it. Its a great palette cleanser from the muck and mire of the trilogies.

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      1. I really tried to like TLJ and really wanted to, it left me feeling kinda weird, especially waiting since 1983 for Luke Skywalker’s return, it left me feeling a bit depressed. I think the problem is that they didn’t have a real story arc and it feels now like a bit of a relay race from one director to the next. It to me felt like Rian Johnson didn’t like the story JJ was trying to tell and went for his vision rather than a cohesive second chapter to the first installment’s story set up. Maybe JJ will pull it back in a more solid direction that makes the two existing movies gel better. Oh and I hope Luke isn’t really dead!! 😉

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