Transformers Week – 2018

This week is my son’s birthday (and my wife’s, same day) and to mark the occasion of him turning the “Big 3” I thought I would devout the whole week to his one true love, Transformers. 

It’s a big kick for me to see him love something I also loved as a kid (and still love). The best part is that he discovered it organically and I had zero input as to how much he loves them. He, unlike all of us old dorky fuddy-duddys, doesn’t care which “Generation” it is or who the target audience is supposed to be…he just loves them all. But I can “Dork Brag” that Generation 1 is his favorite! But i have to admit that he has seen none of the movies, animated or “Bay-verse” because i don’t want to scar him for life. But to be honest when i have offered up the “Bay-verse” toys to him at the store, he is less than interested. But honestly would you if you were 2-going-on-3? They are bland as hell.


Week kicked off the week with a Transformers themed Monstrous Monday and tomorrow will bring you a Transformers episode of LIVE (which i’m thinking of renaming soon).

Anyway, stay tuned this week for Transformer inspired posts. And just a heads up, we will be having a Pokemon week in August.

Keep Being Rad & Stay Dorky

12 thoughts on “Transformers Week – 2018

  1. They did have “aha” moments but they were terrible, like the Rhinox and Waspinator reveals. I just didn’t like seeing them wreck everything that came out of Beast Wars.

    Maybe if it had been a completely new show with new characters, I might have liked it more. Although… the “trees on Cybertron” wasn’t one of their best ideas.

    Thank goodness we got Transformers:Prime and Robots in Disguise later.

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    1. I did enjoy the call backs to Gen 1 but the desolate Cybertron bummed me out and made the show dark and not enjoyable.
      A new cast may have helped.
      Prime and Robots in Disguise are great, hell I even like Rescue Heroes


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