Random Transformers Thoughts

We wrap up our Transformers Week with a few thoughts and reflections about the Robots in Disguise. Happy Friday Everyone!!

1. Red Piece of Film & File Cards

In what can only be described as Space Age Technology, Transformer’s toys used to have a file card on the back of the box that gave a quick bio and stats for the character you bought. That’s not the part that took a team of NASA engineers to design, the stats on the file card were scrambled and coded so masterfully that the only way to decode them was with a piece of red plastic film. This film had to be crafted from some type of secret polymer found at the Roswell crash site because it was so technologically advanced that it might as well be witchcraft.

All joking aside, I totally forgot about the little red plastic film that came with Transformers toys back in the day. Makes me sad to think that I forgot such a cool little doodad.

2. Blaster is friendless


Blaster for all intensive purposes is the Autobot version of Soundwave. Albeit much cooler and hipper. Its like Soundwave is Laurence Welk while Blaster is L.L. Cool J. Anyways, I noticed recently that Blaster NEVER calls upon his tape posse. Well I take that back, he hardly ever calls upon the Recordabots to help out or to just hang out and chill. They have made a few appearances in the cartoon and Marvel comic books but they have no where near as much exposer as Soundwave’s cronies. Heck, his toy didn’t even come with one…Soundwave at least came with Buzzsaw and that dude gets zero airtime.

3. A New Favorite ?

For some reason Tracks never landed on my radar as a kid. I assume I was to busy geeking out on Grimlock, Optimus, and the other big name bad-asses at the time.

Recently I’ve really come to like the character and the humor that surrounds him being a narcissist. Also he is a bitchen blue Corvette Stingray with an awesome flame decal on his hood. Did I mention he has wings….HE HAS WINGS! Tracks is the only Autobot I can think of that can fly while in car mode…that is awesome. And it made me think of M.A.S.K. which is a bonus.

4. Love Is In The Air


I find it incredibly sweet yet very weird that the Transformers cartoon went there and had a Transformer and human share romantic feelings for one another. I mean, I’m all for it. After all the Transformers are just an alien “bio-mechanical” humanoid with thoughts and emotions just like us humans. They aren’t pre-programed robots or any silly-shit, they’re honest to god living beings. AND love is the power force in the galaxy, like you didn’t know.

The episode mirrors a romantic/action movie like Lina Wertmüller’s 1974 Italian film “Swept Away” at times with Powerglide and Astoria Carlton-Ritz marooned on an island, Astoria being kidnapped by the Decepticons, and Powerglide risking it all to save her. Damn, more I think of it, it’s not weird at all.

5. Transformers: The Movie Can Burn In Hell!

I know most fans can agree that the Transformers movie is a very hard pill to swallow. At the top of everyone’s list is the death of Optimus Prime but rarely do people mention  feeling the sting from the deaths of Ironhide, Ratchet, Wheeljack, Brawn, Windcharger, Starscream, and Prowl (I know I’m forgetting some, it was a bloodbath). But I felt that sting.

Most of my small Transformers collection was wiped out mere minutes into the movie and I was already numb by the time Optimus died. It was an un-ceremonial way for Hasbro to wipe the slate clean and usher in a new batch of (shitter) Transformers. Most of the Gen.1 characters disappeared after the movie with only a key few making the jump into the new story arc. But even though they weren’t seen on TV anymore it didn’t mean they were dead, so you could still create adventures for them. I looked at my toys and knew their adventures were over…just like my days with Transformers.

I’ve never seen such an aggressive cleansing of a children’s franchise before, or since. I didn’t feel like I was allowed to naturally migrate away from Transformers because I outgrew it or became uninterested in the product. No, I felt like I was forced to abandon something I love because I knew my parents couldn’t afford to get me anymore toys and lets face it, I was 10 so I was being told I needed to give up on toys and cartoons. Oh, well…I guess that’s why I still love these silly things (toys and cartoons) because I was never ready to give them up.


5 thoughts on “Random Transformers Thoughts

  1. My family didn’t go to a lot of movies when I was a kid but I begged to go to the Transformers movie for weeks. Seeing my favorite Autobot, Prowl, gunned down within minutes was not what I expected and I remember being bummed about it for a long time. I think I gave up on the toys soon after as well.

    In regards to Thought #4:

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  2. First, I LOVE CASSETTES THAT TRANSFORM INTO ROBOTS. I know I said that on your other post but the biggest wave of nostalgia I’m getting from this week (and I’m getting lots of nostalgia) is how much I loved those cassette Transformers. I only ever had one (like you, I had Soundwave and Buzzsaw) but I loved them all. Second, I loved this theme week! I feel like you really took me back into the Transformers in a way that made me feel like I was a kid again. I loved how you did Transformer versions of other series posts you do. The whole thing was SO MUCH FUN! I hope there will be more themed weeks in the future too :). What a wonderful series Rob! Thank you!

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    1. I’m thinking about other weeks in the future but I don’t know how regular it will be. It was fun for me too and it was nice to be focused on one thing. Thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed it and it took you back!

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