LIVE – Disney Gets Foxy: Our Movie Wish List

With the news on Disney purchasing 20th Century Fox’s movie and television division, people have been all over the place in terms of it being good news or not. To be honest, here at My Side of the Laundry Room we think it’s GREAT news. In this episode of LIVE we talk about some of the pros of Disney now owning FOX and we also talk about some of the projects we’d like to see out of the Foxy House of Mouse (gee, didn’t mean for that to sound like a brothel for Furries.).

Anyways, enjoy the show and comment on our ideas or add some of your own.

3 thoughts on “LIVE – Disney Gets Foxy: Our Movie Wish List

  1. The Fantastic Four – YES! Sure, it’s exciting the X-Men can become a part of the MCU but, for better or worse, we’ve seen a lot of X-Men over the years. And we’ve seen some pretty solid X-Men films too (even if they stayed away from the costumes, sadly, in all but ‘Deadpool.’) But I want to see the FF made by people who love the comics. The ones with Jessica Alba and Chris Evans were fun films…but there’s so much more you can and should do with the FF. I want them back and I’d love to see them move to the center of the MCU, over and above the Avengers. That’s my dream. We’ve seen ten years of Avengers-centric films. But with the Fantastic Four they could easily tie to Black Panther, they could do the cosmic stuff with the Guardians and Captain Marvel, they have a rich history with Spider-Man, they can even tie in with the mystical stuff with Dr. Strange. The Fantastic Four do it all!

    Also, ANNIHILUS! What a great choice for a villain!!! He’s so powerful and he looks so badass. I’d love to see him on the big screen. The Negative Zone would be a perfect setting too, especially after all the cool thins we’ve seen them do in ‘Dr. Strange’ and ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ and the Guardians films as far as creating different worlds. I also think the time travel/lost in time would be a brilliant way to bring them in and have them already established as a team.

    Clearly, I’m excited about the Fantastic Four :). More than the original version of Star Wars, more than the X-Men, more than everything else they can do…I’m dying for the Fantastic Four. EXCELSIOR!!

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      1. I haven’t read any of their comics myself in probably twenty years either. Whoa…I guess I hadn’t realized it’d been that long. But that’s the thing with the Fantastic Four. The stories stay with you forever. They are the very definition of “classic.”

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