TMNT RPG Source Books – More Strangeness Part 2

Happy YouTubesday Everyone. Today is the next part of my walkthrough/look back at one of my favorite role playing games EVER, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness.

In this episode of It Came From…My Side of the Laundry Room, I discuss the next 3 source books that were released Guide to the Universe (1987), Mutants Down Under (1988), and Transdimensional Turtles (1989). These three books were always my favorite, so I hope you enjoy the video.

One thought on “TMNT RPG Source Books – More Strangeness Part 2

  1. I loved TMNT when I was a kid, and I hope my books are still in the folks’ attic somewhere.
    I’m from the UK but funny enough now live ‘downunder’, and my wife is from Jakarta! Would it be possible to send me or upload a page from the source book, where it talks about the Jakartan’s?

    When all the crazy ‘After The Bomb’ and time travelling stuff got too much, it was always nice to press reset and do a straight up gritty NYC game. I think our original campaign was always based around Private Investigator PCs, who were also on the run from Doc Feral.

    Keep up the good work!


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