2 Year Anniversary – Best of D&D.

Over the past two years I have covered many different topics (well maybe not that many) but one of my favorites to write about was Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D for short.

Ever since I was a kid Dungeons and Dragons has played a big part of my life. At one time D&D was a toy line, a cartoon, a series of “choose your own adventure” books, comics, and even arts and crafts. On top of all of that were the books that started it all, the role playing game rule books, source books, and adventuring campaigns.

I was lucky to have parents who loved fantasy novels and movies (one of the only times can say “my parents” and “lucky” in the same sentence)so it was a smooth transition for me to fall into the totally awesome world of Dungeons and Dragons.

Anyways, here were some of my favorite posts I wrote about the magical world of D&D.

1. Unearthed Arcana – My History With D&D

I guess a good place to start is the post I wrote about how I got started on my path to playing D&D (and other role playing games). I can’t believe it’s been a year since i wrote this.


Click Here To Read About My History With D&D

2. Monstrous Monday – Shambling Mound

I started a series of posts going over some monsters that appeared in folklore, movies, toys, comics, and gaming. One of my favorite (don’t ask me why) classic D&D monsters is the Shambling Mound. Here is my ode to the mossy monster.


 Click Here To Read About The Shambling Mound

3. The Brief But Magical Life Of D&D Toys

In this two part post I wanted to shed some light on the history of the D&D toy line, cartoon, and other great D&D items that were in our world in the ’80s. It was an odd time in the world because D&D was demonized while TSR was trying to legitimize it.


Click Here To Read Part One 

Click Here To Read Part Two

4. Please Hollywood Don’t Make Another Horrible D&D Movie

I wrote this piece in response to the news that Hasbro was trying to get a D&D movie franchise off the ground. Haven’t heard anything recently about it though and it’s been almost 2 years ago now.


Click Here To Read My Plea To Hollywood

5. 5 Ways A D&D Movie Could Be Awesome

Believe it or not, for a short time (really short) I contributed stories to a big entertainment site. I submitted the above story and they published it but they found it way to negative. They then tasked me to make a more positive story about the topic, so I wrote this. I still believe these ideas could make an awesome D&D movie.


Click Here To Read My Ideas On How To Make A Good D&D Movie  

It was hard to pick out my favorites. If you wish to read some more D&D or RPG inspired posts please check out the Gaming section of the website. There is also video game posts peppered in for good measure.

Click Here To Catch Up On All Of My Gaming Goodness

4 thoughts on “2 Year Anniversary – Best of D&D.

  1. Great Post!
    In th UK (between 1985-87) I got regular editions of White Dwarf magazine “The Official Role-Playing Magazine” so am v familiar w th D&D art u include here (I was obsessed with collecting as much fantasy art back then as I could find!)
    I love your Monstrous Monday series!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome, I too collected as much fantasy art as I could too. I have binders and binders filled with just pictures that caught my fancy over the years that I found in magazines and such. Now I have gigs and gigs of random pictures I come across on the interweb. lol.

      Thank you. I plan on getting back to the monstrous soon.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you. I plan on getting more fantasy-related stuff done.
        Lately, my reading has veered more towards Science-Fantasy and Fantasy novels – I’m sure a collection of fantasy art will appear on my site at some point soon!

        Liked by 1 person

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