2 Year Anniversary – Best of 80s Toys

One thing I have a great passion for is the toys of my youth. Over the past two years I have tackled this subject in many ways. Here is a small list of some of my favorite articles I have written about 80s toys.

The one thing that is totally awesome about 80s toys is that it is a binding subject that brings so many people together. There have been some truly wonderful Guest Posts summited by some great folks that have become friends to me and My Side of the Laundry Room.


One of my first big toy write ups was from one of my favorite toy lines of all time, Sectaurs. Sadly this toy line didn’t survive very long in the 80s but it was one of the best made toys with a great world and back story.


Click Here To Read About The Awesome Sectaurs Toys

2. 5 Toys I Wish I Had As A Kid.

The first installment of a series that still rears its ugly head two years later. I sometimes feel like I could write an installment of this list weekly, but I’ve opted to just pepper in my petty sorrow every now and then.


Click Here To Read The Toys I Wish I Had As A Kid

3. The (WTF) World Of Adam Power & The Power Lords

I had such a blast writing this history about the Power Lords toy line. Again, like the Sectaurs, Power Lords was a unique and thoughtful toy line that never found its footing in the competitive toy market of the 80s. Damn, I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I wrote this.


Click Here To Read About The Power Lords

4. 5 Toys I Should be Ashamed I Owned, But I’m Not!

There has always been a stigma for liking toys that weren’t “made for you”. In this case I talk about the 5 toys I had and loved that would be considered “girls toys”. To be honest these toys were super cute AND part of the cultural zeitgeist so I was just being a good 80s kid.


Click Here To Read How I Have No Shame In My Game

5. LIVE: Disappointing Toys Of The ’80s

On the My Side of the Laundry Room YouTube show we talk a great deal about the toys of the 80s. 98% of our episodes are very positive about the toys that shaped our childhood, but in this episode we talk about the few that left us disappointed. This was a fun episode to make but it did churn up a little hate online. So far this has been our most popular episode to date of LIVE.


Click Here To Read & Watch The Episode

Honorable Mention – Boglins

One of the toy lines of the 80s that now has a strong but small fan following is the Boglins. These hand puppet like toys are equal parts creepy and cool.


Click Here To Read About The Boglins

To catch up on all of the 80s toys posts I’ve written, please check out the toy section of the site. Here you can find more info on great 80s toys and some really special Guest Posts by some awesome friends of My Side Of The Laundry Room.

Click Here For More 80s Toy Awesomeness!


    • When I find the right outlet. I’ve talked about them a couple times on LIVE (Good and bad, sorry). I had a few I’d like to discuss someday. Besides, there is already an awesome Air Raiders blog. I can’t compete with that!

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  1. It’s great to learn that after all these decades, I was NOT th only one into Power Lords! 😉
    (They got even less marketing in th UK, so am amazed they were launched over here at all!
    Out of 6 PL figures and about 12 Masters figures, Bakatak was, by far, my fav

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