2 Year Anniversary – Best Of The 80s

Disc Jockey Casey Kasem always used to say “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars” when he would sign off of the American Top 40. I loved to listen to his broadcasts, not just for the music but for his overpowering sense of positivity. To me that positivity reverberated throughout the 80s in everything we did. It wasn’t because of Mr. Kasem that we had this positivity, it was just something we had as we looked to the future and just knew everything would be bigger and better.

Sadly we are in the future and it isn’t bigger and better. Sure aspects of it are truly bigger and drastically better but as a whole it’s not the world we wished it would be. So I say to you Mr. Kasem (god rest your soul), my feet are firmly planted on the ground but the stars are to far away nowadays so I’ve decided to reach back to the 80s.

Over the last 2 years I’ve written my lion’s share of nostalgia fueled posts. Between the day-to-day moments of faster than light times of stress and the slower than a snail’s pace times of humdrum, I can’t help but think about how great the world was growing up in the 80s. Of course I’m viewing all of this through ruby red glasses but who cares, it makes me happy.

1.  A Look Back At My Neighborhood Arcade, BLAZING FLIPPERS

This was my first foray into writing something truly personal while also trying to inject a little history lesson in it. I wrote this about the arcade I grew up with while also trying to paint a picture of what life was like for me in the early 80s. I still think about this place and at times it even makes appearances in my dreams. Weird, huh?

photostudio_1456492296596.jpgClick here To Read About Arcade Life In The 80s

2. Remembering T&C SURF DESIGNS

My next attempt at blending 80s history with my own personal story came when I talked about T & C Surf Designs. Still to this day I troll eBay looking for the shirts I used to have. The characters that adorned the shirts are a time capsule to me and it’s a moment I hope to get back one day.


Click Here To Read About T&C Surf Designs

3. E.T. -The Book Of The Green Planet

E.T. was a huge part of our childhoods in the 80s. I recently came upon a copy of a book that could have been a sequel. The book follows E.T.’s adventures after he left Earth. I think my version in a more kid friendly version because I see larger versions online…something else to track down.


Click Here To Read About E.T.’s Further Adventures

4. Monstrous Mondays – Monster Minds

In one of the sites most popular posts I talk about the vile villains of the 80s cartoon and toy line, Wheeled Warriors. It was fun to take a trip down memory lane with a cartoon I used to love as a kid and talk about their evil plant based villains.


Click Here To Read About the Evil Monster Minds

5. The Pipe: A Summer of ’85 Adventure

It’s funny how you remember things. Outta the blue one day I remembered how a large drainage pipe across the street from my house offered me one of my biggest adventures when I was younger. I tried to colorfully relay the story in two parts. Did it work? I don’t know but it was fun to write.


Click Here To Read Part One

Click Here To Read Part Two

Again, THANK YOU to everyone who has taken time outta their lives to read my silly little stories, lists, and memories. THANK YOU for taking time to watch our videos over on YouTube. You all are the BEST….

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