LIVE: Playing Catch Up

In this weeks episode, Chris returns and we play catch up on all of the things we missed in his absence. Most of it is talking about the trailers that had been released and also some of the news items that have hit the press over the past few weeks. We also ask the age old question, “Are there really any Aquaman fans out there?”.

Just watch and re-live the exciting times of the past month with us.


One thought on “LIVE: Playing Catch Up

  1. Do you know what struck me as I was watching this? When you two were talking about the “dumping grounds” for bad movies and the referenced ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Black Panther’ sort of breaking that idea, it made me think of the product is good there’s no time of year we WON’T go to the movies. Like, it’s probably more of an issue of the movies they put out at any given time as opposed to when people want to see something. Anyway, as always, great episode!

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