LIVE – 20 Favorite G.I. Joe Vehicles

In todays episode we each give our Top Ten favorite G.I. Joe vehicles. Some we owned, some we wished we had owned, but either way these awesome vehicles have stuck with us.

I have to say this episode has been the biggest one yet in regards to editing. You’ll have to see it for yourself but it was loads of fun to work on. I hope you enjoy.

Yo Joe!!!!!

4 thoughts on “LIVE – 20 Favorite G.I. Joe Vehicles

  1. Unfortunately I had that whole thing where my mom refused to buy me any toys with guns on goofy moral grounds for a while (but all my He-Man and TMNTs stabbing each other was ok and so was watching the GI Joe cartoon for some reason) so I missed out on ALL of these.

    First GI Joe I finally got was Serpentor, and I’m sure you know that by that point the line was already starting to slowly die down. At least there were still a few cool things in those days like Destro’s Iron Grenadier troops and vehicles. That one that switched between a tank and a helicopter was pretty sweet (Dominator I think?).

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    1. My grandparents were that way since my granddad was in WWII but my parents didn’t seem to care.
      I loved Serpentor and his chariot. It was the beginning of the end but there were still some great toys mixed in with the bad.

      Yes, I think you’re right about the Dominator. Worse thing about doing a list like this is all of the ones you feel like you forgot. But this was just G.I. Joe….next week is Cobra.

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