10 Toys They Should Have Made In The 80s

Wow, I don’t know where to start. Right after posting yesterday about my little copyright kerfuffle on YouTube , I got a response back regarding my dispute. When I first chose to dispute the copyright claim I honestly didn’t know where it was gonna go. Once I clicked the “Are You Sure You Wanna Do This” type prompt from YouTube, I felt like I was gonna be in even bigger trouble but in the comment area they allow you to use I just spoke honestly, and humbly.

Once I finished all of that and I clicked on another prompt that again asked “Are You Really, Really Sure You Wanna Be Doing This”, it informed me that the process can take 30 days after someone watches the copyrighted content in question. My hopes were not very high that is for sure. I knew this company was very large and powerful so why would they let little ol’ me use their content.

Well, in a neat little turn of events, I got a response from YouTube pretty quickly. The company in question dropped their copyright claim against me. I like to believe that my comments had something to do with it or that they watched the video and saw that we only had the best intentions while discussing their wonderful cartoons from our childhood. I also get a kick outta thinking that someone, anyone from a large company watched even a second of my stupid little show.

Sadly this company won’t be too happy with one of our up-coming episodes…but that’s a story for another day. LOL.

Without further ado, here is the episode in question in it’s original form.

4 thoughts on “10 Toys They Should Have Made In The 80s

  1. Glad to see it got overturned. I can’t believe how sensitive all that stuff is now. Facebook banned me from posting videos a couple of years ago because there happened to be a song playing in the background. Can you believe that?

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  2. These things usually happen automatically because some algorithm of certain companies just flag everything that appears with any mention of their property in it. It’s annoying, but if you contest it and it’s very clear that you’re not trying to make money off their product they’ll just drop it or at the worst say that you can’t monetize the video.

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